Get Access to my Best-Selling KDP Products at a FRACTION of the Cost in my First Ever Black Friday Super Sale! 

Hi there,

Every year, I get asked whether I'll be offering a Black Friday sale. And every year, I gave the same answer.  I'm not a huge fan of Black Friday deals.

Why?  Because it gets overwhelming.

Every year our inboxes are slammed with dozens of sales and discount offers. And many times, the so-called "deal" aren't really that impressive. 

I'm sure you can relate.

But this year, I decided to finally create something for Black Friday. Something special, something that will actually help you make money in 2023, and something only for my inner-circle subscribers and Facebook group members.  

Here's how it works:

On this page you'll find a very special offer that's been HEAVILY discounted by over 90%. I have never offered a deal like this before and never will again (not even next Black Friday!).

But hey, it's a win-win. 

On my end, it allows for me to sell out my remaining licenses.

On your end, you get an incredible deal on a MASSIVE collection of KDP interiors, done-for-you low content journals and workbooks (and even printable packs), so you can get a head-start on what is predicted to be a very profitable 2023 in both markets!

For the First Time Ever, I'm Bundling Over 100 KDP & Printable Packages for Less Than the Cost of ONE!

These professionally-designed done-for-you KDP packages include everything you need to make money publishing low content books on Amazon.

They are professionally designed, so no worrying about low-quality interiors that no one wants to buy.  Plus, I heavily research every niche, so that I know what kind of layouts and content customers on Amazon and Etsy are looking for. :)

Read on for details...

Black Friday Super Saver:

KDP Monster Complete Collection

Previously, I released 6 different KDP Monster packages, each one selling at up to $97 individually. 

You can see all of them here >>

All of the KDP Monster packages feature done-for-you low content interior sets, with ready-to-publish books, PowerPoint source files, font lists and more.

And with every package, I include commercial-use rights, which means you can sell them as your own anywhere you choose!

I often include a "Printable Monster" version as well, at no extra cost, which includes color versions and non-duplicated pages for markets like Etsy.

These low-content journals and workbooks were all professionally designed and heavily researched so that I didn't miss out on important elements or pages.

In other words, they are everything you want and need to maximize your income on Amazon.  

And for the next 48 hours only, as part of my first-ever Black Friday deal, you can gain access to my ENTIRE KDP Monster collection of SIX DIFFERENT VOLUMES for just $77!

That's a savings of over $500!

With your purchase, you'll receive all of the following:

  • Dozens of Popular Logbooks (people buy these all year long, especially through Jan-April, such as Boating Logbooks, Astronomy, Fishing, Gardening and more!)
  • Journals for Authors
  • Gaming & Sports Books
  • Monthly, Weekly & Daily Planners
  • Project, Task & Goal Workbooks
  • Travel Planners
  • Workout, Yoga, Fitness Planners
  • Finance, Budgeting Planners
  • Hobby Planners (Dancing, beauty, bird watching, fishing, golfing, cooking, fashion, etc)
  • Camping Journals
  • Mental Health KDP Books
  • Autism Journals & Worksheets
  • Podcast Planner / Creation Tools
  • Medical Trackers & Journals (Vital Signs, Blood Sugar Trackers, Asthma, etc)

And all of that is just in KDP Monster Bundle #1!

You'll also receive FIVE OTHER MASSIVE COLLECTIONS, including low content books and printable sets such as:

  • Business Start-Up Guides (as well as important interiors like order Forms, Business Planning and so on)
  • Geocaching Trackers
  • Race Training
  • Reading Logbook
  • Food & Cooking Journals
  • Communication Logbooks
  • Therapy Workbooks
  • Photography Books
  • Ancestry Books
  • Manifestation Workbooks
  • Stocks/Investing Trackers
  • Pet Journals/Logbooks
  • Debt & Savings Trackers
  • Tarot Card Logbooks
  • Self-Care Books
  • Self Improvement Workbooks
  • Challenges (money, goals, self-help, etc)
  • Keto & other Diet Journals
  • ADHD Workbooks
  • Small Business & Hobbies (beekeeping, candle making, hunting, kayaking, etc)
  • Road Trip activities
  • Caregiver Logbooks
  • Daily Devotionals
  • Wine Tasting Logbooks
  • Construction Logbooks
  • Virtual Learning, Study, Academic Planners
  • Gratitude Journals

This package alone will give you instant access to over 100 different KDP packages that can also be sold as printables on Etsy!

Instantly load your shop or power up your Amazon KDP account with enough content to last for an entire year!

These gorgeous low content interiors took me months to create, but most importantly, they are all carefully researched, professionally designed and in many cases you'll also receive additional color versions in printable format!

I'm confident in saying that this Black Friday offer will provide you with more KDP & Etsy content than you'll find anywhere else—at the best possible price.

Do you want to see what's included in each of the KDP Monster packages, including screenshots of many of the included interiors and journals? 

Visit: to go through each package, but DO NOT PURCHASE from those pages! The Black Friday Super Saver deal is only available on this page!

Important Note: I am only making a limited number of these deals available. 

I will manually update the page throughout the next 48 hours so that when all licenses have been claimed, the offer will expire forever.

No matter what niche you're focused on, this massive collection of KDP low-content books and high-quality printables has you covered!

From fitness & weight-loss, countless popular hobby niches, self-help, positive thinking, business to ever-growing markets, this time-limited Black Friday Super Saver package has exactly what you need.

Don't miss out! Once all licenses have been purchased this special offer will end and will NEVER BE REPEATED!


Let's quickly recap everything you'll get:

  • 100+ KDP Low Content Books &  Printable Packages in Profitable Niches! 
  • Design Source Files (PowerPoint, PDF), so you can edit and customize as you wish!
  • Ready-to-Upload Versions (PDF format)
  • Commercial-Use License
  • Font Listings

Regular Price: $582

* This is a special price for Kate's Inner Circle Only. Note that the Black Friday price won't last long and is subject to change without notice. Purchase now to lock in the lowest price possible.

Yours in success,

Kate Riley,

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