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This high-quality collection of high-content, high-quality ebook and Canva course templates focuses on the ever-growing market of coaches and trainers.  

This niche is in high demand, yet it's next to impossible to find all-inclusive content packages like this. 

In fact, if you were to search online for 'done for you Canva courses with templates", you'd be hard pressed to find anything of value.

And if you are looking for resell or commercial-use rights, your search would get even harder.

This is just one of the reasons it's an untapped goldmine!  

Not only is the market filled with course instructors, business owners, bloggers and trainers, all in search of high-quality course content, but you'll be able to price these packages higher than regular printables or worksheets because of how high the demand is, but how low the competition is!

You see, in most cases, you'd only receive the Canva templates and then have to fill them in with your own content. This can take a huge amount of time.

Believe me, I know the level of effort that goes into packages like these. This collection alone took me well over a week of writing and design to get them done.

But with Canva Cashflow Vol #1, you won't have to do anything but profit!  

Instant Access to Brand New Canva Course & Ebooks In Sought After Niches!

This special collection includes:

  • 5 High-Content Ebooks/Courses/Lead Magnets:

    Each package is jam-packed with step-by-step instructions, tips, tricks, and advanced techniques to guide your customers from start to finish.

    Your Etsy shop (or your own website) will get an instant upgrade now that you're able to offer premium content to an ever-growing audience!

    This first-ever Canva Cashflow collection includes the "Work at Home Series" and comes with 5 high-content instructional based eBooks/courses/lead magnets that cover a variety of money-making methods.

  • Ready-to-Use Course Templates:

    Fast-track your course creation process with these customizable Canva templates. While you don't have to edit anything, if you wish to do so, you'll have full reign to do whatever you please!

    These templates are beautifully designed with various pages, cover sheets, checklists, worksheets, print-outs, action plans and more.

  • Complete, High-Quality Content:

    All ebooks and course templates are brimming with high-quality content that you can use immediately, saving you the time and stress of content creation.

Sell these as your own immediately and cash in on the ever-growing community of business coaches and trainers without ever having to write or design anything. They're ready to sell straight out the digital box!

These aren't your ordinary Canva ebook or course templates. Rather than just designs, they come with all the content your customers will need!

From detailed action plans to strategy guides, including checklists and worksheets, you'll receive premium, all-inclusive packages that you can sell instantly!

The Canva Cashflow Bundle isn't just a set of high-quality templates and ebooks; it's a license to sell a highly sought-after product under your own brand. 

Each meticulously crafted element in this bundle - from the in-depth, easy-to-understand ebooks to the customizable course templates, to the high-quality content - is designed for commercial use.

Imagine the power of having a ready-made product to sell, without the hassle of content creation, design brainstorming, or even authoring an ebook.

With our bundle, you can skip the long hours of preparation and go straight into profiting from your online business.

But the true beauty of the Canva Cashflow bundle lies in the untapped profitability of the done-for-you online course and ebook market.

Plus, your ability to profit doesn't just stop at a single sale. Every course template and ebook can be sold repeatedly, turning each into a recurring revenue stream!

Here's a quick recap of everything you'll get:

  • 5 Brand New High-Content Packages in highly sought after niches!

  • Course & eBook packages like this are VERY hard to find which means you can price these higher than any most other types of digital products or printables!

  • All templates were designed in Canva using only free elements or custom ones, which means only a free account is needed to edit.

  • Commercial-Use License allows you to sell them as though you created them!

In summary,

With your one-time purchase, you'll receive instant access to a beautiful, all-inclusive collection of brand-new, professionally designed done-for-you Canva template and content packages in profitable niches. 

You'll also receive a commercial-use license that allows you to sell these as your own!

Yours in success,

Kate Riley,

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