Prayer Journal & Bible Study Package

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The Bible study and prayer journal niche is an ever-growing one with thousands of buyers purchasing new journals every month.

So, based on niche research and over a dozen requests from our own customers, we’ve created the ultimate bible study and prayer journal package that you can start making money with right away!

Take a look at everything you get in this brand new,  all inclusive  package!


This professional prayer journal and bible study includes 30 different layouts, as well as an additional 100 pages of note-taking lined journal pages to form a complete ready-to-sell package!

  • Prayer Requests
  • Sermon Notes *multiple layouts*
  • Prayer Cards
  • Spiritual prompts
  • Prayers for My Family
  • Prayers for My Friends
  • Prayer Journal Layouts (multiple)
  • Hymn Study
  • Sermon Tracker
  • Inspirational Prompts
  • And many more!

You’ll also get templates designed for all the main marketplaces, including Amazon & Etsy!

This means you’ll get templates designed for Etsy specifically, as well as templates that include a full 100-page and 120-page journal in 8×10 format that you can instantly upload to Amazon, Lulu or any other online marketplace that sells journals!

Eliminate your workload and  start making money  with this done-for-you professional package!

Take a look at just a few of the gorgeous layouts included in this special package:

This is a complete ready-to-publish prayer and bible study journal!

As you probably know, low content books like journals and planners sell like crazy on websites like Amazon, Shopify, Lulu and Etsy. People love purchasing journals and planners in order to document their progress, stay on track or to keep motivated.

With this done-for-you package, you can instantly upload the finished product to your Amazon Print account, set a price and start making money with ZERO work involved because we’ve done it all for you!

But that’s not all!

You’ll also get 4 done-for-you covers!

These covers are ready to be customized and are fully editable!  We’ve even included a “Journal Overview” guide to help you get started.

Just open the covers using a free online resource (details included in the guide) and you can easily edit every part of the covers, including fonts, colors and titles.

Here’s a breakdown of this package:

  • 120-page ready-made bible study & prayer journal that includes 30 different layouts and is in the popular 8×10 size.
  • 4 done-for-you covers that are easy to edit!
  • Journal overview guide that breaks down the complete package.
  • PDF files (ready to upload!), as well as PowerPoint source files in case you wish to change anything.
  • Source files included! (rarely heard of!)

Currently Just $27!


  • Commercial rights and source files are included with your purchase! These source files are extremely valuable because they allow you to modify and create additional journals from ONE file. They are also seldom sold by print designers so claim yours before they’re sold out! 
  • Source files included!
  • Exclusively Available Here
  • Created by our in-house designers
  • Super Profitable Niche
  • Commerical Rights Included!