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Keto Diet Premium Planner!


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Keto diet planners sell like CRAZY on both Amazon, Shopify, Lulu and as printables on blogs and websites!  These are evergreen diet planners that are always in-demand so you can rest assured that you’ll never have to update the designs or mess with revising the content – we’ve created a premium planner for you!

This planner comes with over 37 unique layouts and is already organized and compiled into a 200-page journal that you can sell on Amazon KDP.

All the hard work has been done for you!

Check out just a few of the many different layouts and carefully handcrafted designs that are included in this special, in-demand package:

I’ve personally lost a ton of weight on the keto diet so I’ve made sure to include important sections and tracker pages that play an integral role in staying on track throughout the weight loss journey.

Daily weight loss planners that include everything from water intake tracking, meal planning, and of course carb counting are all required for a successful weight loss journey and all of these must-have designs are included!

With more than 37 unique layouts, this is a premium super-sized package that has been carefully organized and compiled into a ready-to-upload 200 page journal. We’re even  including the source files so if you wish to re-organize the pages you can easily do so!

And so much more!

Here are just a few of the pages included:

  • Macro tracking pages
  • Daily Meal Planners
  • Carb Counters
  • Suggested Keto Friendly Foods
  • Shopping Lists
  • Measurement Tracking
  • Weekly Keto Diet Planners
  • TWO Versions: Male & Female Measurement Trackers
  • Multiple Keto Challenge Pages!
  • Yearly Overview
  • 21-Day Keto Challenge
  • Keto Diet Progress Snapshots
  • Keto Diet Planning Pages
  • Weekly, Monthly & Yearly layouts
  • Keto Weight Loss Diary
  • And MUCH more!

We’re also currently including  FREE  source files!

With access to our PowerPoint design files, you’re able to create additional layouts or customize the one’s we’ve created for you: And just an FYI, Amazon allows you to simply take our templates and upload them “as is” without making any changes.

The special interiors come in 8.5×11 size and includes over 37 unique layouts as well as a 200-page done-for you book that’s ready to upload to Amazon.

This premium keto diet planner also includes multiple challenges, helping your customers stay on track – while making dieting fun! 🙂

Here’s what else you’ll get with your one-time purchase:

  • 200 page fully-loaded, premium journal in PDF format. Ready to upload to Amazon. Two versions! Male and Female oriented measurement pages.
  • Over 37 unique layouts, all carefully crafted based on what keto dieters need.
  • Source Files, PPT, which allow you to edit and customize the pages if you wish.
  • Font File Swipe Sheet. Install these fonts if you wish to customize the pages to make sure they keep their gorgeous look! All of the fonts we use in our designs are commercial-free.
  • Commercial-Use Rights: Our special license allows you to sell the templates (in print format) on Amazon, Lulu, or Shopify with the exception of Etsy.

But that’s not all!

As a customer, you’ll also receive a FREE package: The Entertainment Journal!

This package includes 4 unique layouts focusing on reading, television and movies.

We’ve turned our brand new entertainment journal into 3 different ready-to-sell planners with each one catering to either book lovers, movie and television lovers or both!

You get this package, along with source files AND commercial-use rights absolutely FREE! (*limited time only)

Currently Just $37 For Everything!


Commercial rights and source files are included with your purchase! These source files are extremely valuable because they allow you to modify and create additional journals from one customizable file. They are also seldom sold by professional print designers! 

Need help or have questions?  Contact: and be sure to join our Facebook group at

  • Source files included!
  • Commercial Rights License
  • Over 37 Unique Layouts!
  • 200 Page Journal!