Premium Wedding Planner

Wedding Planners are in such demand, we’ve designed a BRAND NEW One Based On What Brides Are Looking For!

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Wedding planners are some of our best sellers (next to yearly planners) and so we decided to create a brand new one for the shop! This planner comes with all of the pages and layouts that are most important to brides looking to plan and organize an upcoming wedding.

Take a few minutes to look on Amazon, or printable sites on Shopify and you’ll quickly see how profitable these are because they’re based on an evergreen, year-round market – not just a seasonal one or a trend that’s likely to fade. Weddings are here to stay! 😉

Here’s a quick preview of just a few of the pages that are included in this special, professionally designed package:

I planned my own wedding years ago using a journal. I’ve also talked with countless brides-to-be to ask them what they are looking for in a journal.  This includes budget trackers, expense organizers (IMPORTANT!), party planners, checklists, to-do lists and personalized planning pages they can turn into whatever they need.

Brides want flexibility in their planners so while we’ve created a complete wedding planning guide, we’ve left room for notes, doodles and ideas.

Here are just a few of the pages included:

  • Table Seating Planner
  • Wedding Expense Trackers for EVERY aspect of wedding planning
  • Personal pages (Bride’s Check List, etc)
  • Party Planning (for both the Bride & Groom)
  • Guest Lists
  • Guided prompt pages that cover 12 months prior, 9 months, 6 months, and so on!
  • Vendor Contact Sheets
  • And MUCH more!

This premium wedding planner highlights every step of the planning process, making it easy for your customers to organize and plan the perfect wedding.  We’ve left nothing out!

From the initial planning phase where it’s time to jot down ideas and create an outline for the wedding to budget planners and checklists, we’ve got it covered!

We’re also currently including  Includes:  FREE source files!

With access to our PowerPoint design files, you’re able to create additional layouts or customize the one’s we’ve created for you: And just an FYI, Amazon allows you to simply take our templates and upload them “as is” without making any changes.

We’ve also designed a Planning Snapshot feature, that highlights the expenses that can be easily itemized.  Your customers will love these layouts.

Okay, so you know that you’ll love it but let’s get down to the specs!

This journal comes in an 8×10 size, one of the most preferred sizes for this market. It’s also 100 pages long with over 25 new layouts. I stopped counting after that!

Here’s what else you’ll get with your one-time purchase:

  • 100 page fully-loaded, premium journal in PDF format. Ready to upload to Amazon.
  • Over 25 unique layouts, all carefully crafted based on what brides (and grooms) want.
  • Source Files, PPT, which allow you to edit and customize the pages if you wish.
  • Font File. Install these fonts if you wish to customize the pages to make sure they keep their gorgeous look! All of the fonts we use in our designs are commercial-free.
  • Commercial-Use Rights: Our special license allows you to sell the templates (in print format) on Amazon, Lulu, or Shopify with the exception of Etsy. Click Here for License Terms.

Have you seen enough?  If so, click the link below to secure your license before they’re sold out because I’m limiting licenses to this one. It’s too special!

Commercial rights and source files are included with your purchase! These source files are extremely valuable because they allow you to modify and create additional journals from ONE file. They are also seldom sold by print designers, so claim yours before they’re sold out! 

Here are a few more images of our interior pages:

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  • Commercial-License Included!
  • Source Files Included!
  • Exclusive to our Shop!
  • In Demand Niche!