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Social media marketing and management journals sell like WILDFIRE.  With thousands of businesses turning to social media in order to maximize their outreach, build their audience and expand exposure, these handy journals make it easy for them to document their progress and overall growth.

This special package is an extended bundle, meaning that you get much more than a handful of interiors and printable pages.

In fact, you get over 50 individual interior pages as well as multiple done-for-you books that you can instantly upload to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Lulu or nearly every other marketplace that sells physical books.

But that’s not the only way you can make money with this in-demand package!

Not only are there thousands of people looking to purchase social media marketing and management journals and notebooks on platforms like Amazon, but customers are willing to pay premium prices for access to downloadable printables in this popular niche!

Which means you can make money 2 different ways with this premium package:

* Sell them as physical books on Amazon KDP, Lulu, Barnes, etc!
* Sell them as digital printables on shops like Shopify or your own blog! 🙂

This mega social media bundle includes 50+ unique designs so you can mix & match to create multiple full-length journals OR create multiple printable packs and sell them for up to $97 per bundle!

(Yeah, you read that right. People are paying up to $97 for access to printables in this market – plus, they’re considered businesses expenses! 🙂

I’ve also created multiple books in various lengths and themes that you can upload to popular bookshops and marketplaces without having to lift a finger!

This includes:

* A 100+ page journal for those who want to document their social media marketing every month.

* A 150+ page journal for those who want to document their social media marketing every week.

A 250+ page journal for those who want to document their social media marketing every day.

All the hard work has been done for you!

Check out just a few of the many different layouts and carefully handcrafted designs that are included in this special, in-demand package:

With so many unique layouts, this is a premium package that gives you unlimited options! You could easily create dozens of other journals using a combination of my layouts.  The possibilities are truly endless!

Plus, I’m even including my customizable source files so if you wish to re-organize or edit the pages you can easily do so.  And with your special commercial-use license, you can start making money with it today!

Here are just a few of the pages included:

  • Social Media Account Management
  • Facebook Marketing Planner
  • Instagram Marketing Planner
  • YouTube Marketing Planner
  • Pinterest Marketing Planner
  • Business Goals
  • Target Audience Overview
  • Marketing Budget Pages
  • 12-Month Social Media Calendar
  • Daily, Weekly & Monthly Planner Pages
  • Social Task Tracker
  • Multiple Content Planners
  • And much more!

We’re also including a  FREE  bonus package!

The bonus package includes another journal with source files focusing specifically on building a successful blog. It includes over a dozen individual/unique layouts as well as pre-designed journals that you can upload to Amazon or Lulu and sell physical copies!

Also, with access to our PowerPoint design files, you’re able to create additional layouts or customize the one’s we’ve created for you.

Here’s a recap of everything you’ll get with your one-time purchase:

  • A 100+ page journal for those who want to document their social media marketing every month.
  • A 150+ page journal for those who want to document their social media marketing every week.
  • A 250+ page journal for those who want to document their social media marketing every day.
  • Over 50 unique layouts and carefully crafted designs.
  • PowerPoint Source files, which allow you to edit and customize the pages if you wish.  These are rarely ever included at this price point!
  • Font File Listing. Install the fonts on our list if you wish to customize the pages to make sure they keep their gorgeous look! All of the fonts we use in our designs are commercial-free.
  • Commercial-Use Rights: Our special license allows you to sell the templates (in print format) on Amazon, Lulu, or Shopify with the exception of Etsy. Click Here to see full license.
  • FREE Bonus journal package: Blogging Pros! Valued at $29.97, yours for $0.00!

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Commercial rights and source files are included with your purchase! These source files are extremely valuable because they allow you to modify and create additional journals from one customizable file. They are also seldom sold by professional print designers so get it while we’re still offering it! 

License Rights:
Here’s a brief summary of your licensing rights. A full commercial-use license is included in your package so please read entirely after purchase.

You can:

* Sell as physical books on Amazon, Lulu, Barnes & Noble, in Facebook groups, hosted parties, etc.

* Sell as printables (digital/downloadable) on Shopify, your website or ANY other marketplace with the exception of Etsy. We reserve the right to sell our designs there.  However, you CAN sell the bonus package, Blogging Pros, on Etsy!

You can’t:

* Sell or distribute my source files. They are only for you as one of my resellers.

* Resell licenses.  If someone wishes to purchase a resellers license that allows them to sell my interiors, they must purchase from me directly so I can register their commercial license in my customer database. You have the right to sell my interiors as completed products in PDF format only.

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  • Extended Package with Additional Books & Interiors!
  • Commercial Rights License
  • Source Files Included for EVERY page!
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