Spring Fling Duo Package

Cash In On TWO Top-Selling Seasonal Journal Markets With This Special Buy One, Get One Offer!

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We’re committed to offering incredible value to our loyal customers and so we’ve released the Spring Fling bundle which includes TWO packages for the price of one!

It’s our very first BUY ONE, GET ONE offer ever and likely our only one for quite some time, so don’t miss out on this limited-time offer to get your hands on two beautiful packages that cater to 2 of the top selling journal niches on Amazon!

We’re also including  Includes:  FREE source files!

With access to our PowerPoint design files, you’re able to create additional layouts or customize the one’s we’ve created for you: And just an FYI, Amazon allows you to simply take our templates and upload them “as is” without making any changes. The rules of traditional PLR just don’t apply when it comes to journals and planners!

That means you can simply purchase one of our packages, unzip the contents and upload the books found in the “Ready-to-Upload” folder and start selling it today!

Gardening & Travel Planning: Two of our best selling journals in ONE low-cost bundle:

Each journal comes with a 150-page journal as well as other sizes, so you can choose whatever works best for you.  In addition, our journals always feature at least 20 unique layouts per book so that you’re getting a ton of professionally designed pages that people LOVE.

Here’s what you’ll get with The Spring Fling Duo Package:

  • 150 page, 120 page and 100 page fully-loaded, premium journals in BOTH markets!
  • Over 50 unique layouts, all carefully crafted based on what buyers are looking for! (My own Mom uses the gardening journal! 🙂
  • Commercial-Use Rights: Our special license allows you to sell the templates (in print format) on Amazon, Lulu, Etsy or Shopify.  You simply can’t sell the source files.
  • Design Source Files (PowerPoint PPT files that make it easy to customize!)
  • Font License File (only free commercial fonts were used in the designs!)
  • Tried & Tested: We know this niche inside & out and designed our layouts around what sells. Further, we’ve tested the interior on all of the major marketplaces to ensure no issues during the publishing process!

Some of the layouts included in the gardening journal:

  • Monthly Harvest Calendar
  • Gardening Project Tracker
  • Produce Budget Logbook
  • Planting Tracker
  • Gardening Wish List
  • Planners for ALL important tasks including seedlings, Seed purchase tracker, succession sowing and more!
  • Gardening Weekly To-Do List
  • Pest Control
  • Seed Inventory Layouts
  • Crop Rotation Planner
  • Specialized Daily Planners
  • Weekly Overview
  • Garden Planner (square foot)
  • Gardening Expense Tracker
  • Plant List (Fast Growing Crop Tracker)
  • And more!

Some of the layouts included in the travel planner journal:

  • Full featured Vacation Planner Pages
  • Packing Check List (and ideas)
  • Travel Info Sheets (flight, transportation, etc.)
  • Trip/Vacation Saver Pages
  • Trip Budget Planner
  • Outfit Planning
  • Travel Expense Tracker
  • Travel Journal (traditional)
  • Embellished Journal Pages
  • And much more!

Both journals come in 8×10 sizing, the most common size requested by customers!

Commercial rights and source files are included with your purchase! These source files are extremely valuable because they allow you to modify and create additional journals from ONE file. They are also seldom sold by print designers, so claim yours before they’re sold out! 

Currently Just $37!
(Only available during this time-limited sale)


  • Source files included!
  • Commercial Rights License
  • 2 For the price of ONE!
  • Gardening Journal!
  • Travel Planner!
  • Multiple Margin Options!