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Done-For-You Success Planner Package with Commercial-Use Rights And PowerPoint Source Files For Easy Customization!

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Our “Success Planner” is a 200-page journal that includes more than 25 unique interior layouts. These journals can be sold anywhere you wish, including Amazon KDP in print format, or as downloadable printables on Etsy, Shopify or your own website!

All of our journal and planner packages come with PowerPoint source files, making it easy for you to quickly edit and customize however you choose. Add additional pages by simply copy & pasting one of our included interior layouts, add your website or name in order to feature your brand, or use them to build a mailing list or drive targeted traffic to your blog! People absolutely love printables, journals and planners!

Both Black & White and a Color Version Are Included!

We’ve made it easy to start making money selling this planner and journal package because we’re including all the extra’s you need, including:

* Font Files: Download the commercial-use FREE fonts so you can easily customize the pages (if you choose!)

* Source Files to ALL planner options!

* Color Version & Black and White!

This specialized package also includes:

* A 200+ page journal that is pre-organized and formatted for you! You’ll get the book-ready format (PDF) in black and white and color. The journal is in 8.5.x11 size (the most in-demand for these type of journals).

A free bonus weekly/daily planner for those who want to offer both journals in one package!

Check out just a few of the layouts that are included in this printable and Amazon KDP package:



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Complete With Commercial-Use Rights!

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Here’s a recap of everything you’ll get with your one-time purchase:

  • A 200+ page journal for those who want to sell on physical journals on Amazon, Lulu, etc.
  • A color version for those who want to sell printables on Etsy, Shopify or other digital marketplaces.
  • Font Files: Download the commercial-use FREE fonts so you can easily customize the pages (if you choose!)
  • Bonus package including another journal (minimalist journal with repeat layouts designed for those who want a daily or weekly system)
  • PowerPoint Source files, which allow you to edit and customize the pages if you wish.  These are rarely ever included at this price point!
  • Commercial-Use Rights: Our special license allows you to sell the templates (in print format) on Amazon, Lulu, or Shopify and Etsy.
  • Undated! This journal and printable package will never need updating because even though it includes calendar-style layouts, we don’t include years or days so you never have to worry about changes!

Comes With An In-Demand Commercial-Use License That Lets You Sell This As Your Own!


License Rights:
Here’s a brief summary of your licensing rights. A full commercial-use license is included in your package so please read entirely after purchase. In addition, purchases of my interiors, printables and digital products are non-refundable.

You can:
* Sell as physical books on Amazon, Lulu, Barnes & Noble, etc.
* Sell as printables on Shopify, Etsy, your website, etc.

You can’t:
* Sell or distribute my source files. They are only for you as one of my resellers.
* Include my name in any of your branding.
* Give away any rights to your customers other than personal-use.

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  • PowerPoint Source files included!
  • Commercial Rights License
  • Done For You 200-Page Journal
  • Color & Black/White Versions!