Surefire Sellers Vol 1

Skyrocket Your Printable Sales With These Surefire Sellers in Profitable Printable Niches!

Hi there,

The earlier you get into a printable niche, the easier it is to rake in the profits and establish yourself in the market…long before everyone else climbs on board. 🙂

The problem is, as you probably know, researching niches and crawling through page after page of listings, analyzing products, and verifying traffic and demand; it all takes time.


But not when you have me in your corner! 🙂

Today, you can break into some of the hottest niches I’ve uncovered without having to spend hours designing your layouts or researching the market.  Because I’ve done all the work for you!

Receive Instant Access to 6 Brand-New Printable Packages In Super-Charged Niches!

These professionally designed printable packages will save you tons of time, but because I’m also including the PowerPoint source files, you can easily take my designs and create alternative versions quickly without having to start from scratch!

Let’s take a closer look at everything you’re about to get!

Niche #1: CBT Worksheets

If you want to take your printable business to the next level so you can earn a full-time income from your digital products, you’ll want to look into children’s markets, especially ones relating to mental health, confidence, therapy, and personal growth.

These are surefire winners, and best of all, they aren’t seasonal, so you can count on sales throughout the entire year!

The first printable kit in this deluxe collection is focused on CBT, which stands for “Cognitive Behavior Therapy.”

It’s an important niche and one I’ve spent a lot of time in because not only is it incredibly profitable, it’s exceptionally helpful to parents who want to help their children learn how to manage anxiety and cope with stress.

I created 15 printables for the CBT package, and each one comes with a PowerPoint source file.

These printables are highly-researched, but also attention-grabbing, so they’ll stand out on whatever market you make them available on.

Tip: Think beyond Etsy.

There are several platforms dedicated to selling educational-based printables to parents that are VERY profitable, particularly when geared toward younger kids.

Niche #2: Emotional Awareness

Our next niche is focused on Emotional Awareness, another fast-growing printable market and one in which parents are always looking for new designs and layouts.

This set includes 9 pages, each one dedicated to discovering and understanding a different emotion.

PowerPoint source files are included for all 9 of the designs as well as a market-ready version.

Niche #3: Kids Coping Cards

Parents love these flashcards designed to help children manage anxiety, anger, stress, and self-doubt.

With this package, you’ll get 7 pages of cards, with 4 cards per layout totaling 28 different designs.

You will also receive PowerPoint source files for every page.

Niche #4: Kids Daily Checklists

In this package, you’ll receive PowerPoint source files as well as 5 different designs and pages dedicated to helping children stay focused on their tasks.

These pages help those dealing with ADD so they can get more done each day by following a set routine that’s broken down into smaller tasks. But that isn’t the only demographic you can target with these!

The possibilities are endless!

Niche #5: Kids Reward Charts

Surefire Sellers

These are some of the most fun printables to design, and parents and kids love them!

This is an evergreen niche and one that will never go stale. In fact, we’ve seen a consistent rise in sales of reward charts ever since we made our first product available on Etsy. 🙂

This kit includes 5 beautifully designed reward charts, plus PowerPoint source files for every design!

Niche #6: Personal Growth Printables

Surefire Sellers

The personal growth package includes 9 different designs and pages, each focused on helping your target audience combat negative thinking, encourage self-awareness and improve the quality of their life.

This package is geared towards both teens and adults, two very large and ever-growing groups of buyers in this extremely profitable market.

PowerPoint source files are also included.

Let’s quickly recap everything you’ll get:

  • 6 Brand New Printable Packages in Profitable Niches! Can also be turned into low-content books.
  • Design Source Files (PowerPoint, PDF), so you can edit and customize as you wish!
  • Ready-to-Upload Versions for Etsy & Beyond!
  • Commercial-Use License
With your one-time purchase, you’ll receive instant access to a beautiful collection of brand-new, professionally designed printable kits in extremely profitable niches with commercial-use rights, source files, and more!