The Mom Pack

Make Money With This In-Demand Mom Planner, Complete With Commercial Rights!

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This is an all-in-one package, designed for those who publish journals and other low-content books through Amazon KDP, Lulu or other markets because we’re including a commercial license with your purchase!

Here are the details:

The Mom Pack comes in 3 different page lengths, 100, 120 and 150 pages. And since you’ll receive the source files for this special package, you’ll be able to customize the pages, or create longer journals and other low-content books, if you choose.

It took us hours to create this gorgeous package in one of the hottest niches on Amazon: Journals for Moms!

With your purchase, you’ll be able to skip the time-consuming process of carefully designing layouts, but you’ll be able to stock your Amazon or Lulu shop with this hot new package within minutes.

Let me show you just a few of our beautiful, carefully crafted layouts (based on what Mom’s want):

All of the layouts included in this package have been carefully thought out. We want to create planners, journals and binder pages based on what we use daily as Mom’s ourselves.  Your customers will love this premium planner.

As Mom’s (and Dad’s!), we needed a few special layouts that aren’t always included in packages like this.  Things like: Kid’s Chore Chart, Family Contact List, Organization Checklist, just to name a few.

It’s one of our top-selling packages!

Product Overview:

  • Variety of Options: Books include 150, 120 and 100 pages that are ready to upload to Amazon KDP, Lulu or other marketplaces that sell journals.
  • Multiple Interiors: Dozens of different layouts and is in the popular 8.0 x 10 size that Mom’s want!
  • Source files to EVERYTHING! This is seldom offered by professional designers because you’re basically getting our original files. It’s as though you’ve hired your own professional designer, without the hourly costs. 🙂
  • Commercial License: This allows you to sell the books on Amazon KDP Print. You set the price, and you keep 100% of the profits, completely branded under your own name!
  • Important Reminder: We only release a limited number of licenses to The Mom Pack.  In fact, after offering just a few we pulled this pack from our shop because we do so well with it ourselves that we don’t want it saturated. But by popular request, we’ve released it back on the shop.  This offer may be pulled at any time though, so if you want to claim your copy and commercial-use license, don’t hesitate.

 Just $37.00!


IMPORTANT NOTE: Since we plan to sell this as a printable on our printable shop, we are limiting the number of licenses sold for this package. We know it’ll be a hot seller and we want to keep it pretty exclusive, so if the purchase link below isn’t active, it means we’ve closed the doors on licensing for this package. We apologize in advance. Our licenses tend to sell out quickly.
  • Gorgeous Layouts! Many different ones to choose from.
  • Exclusively Available Here
  • Source Files to EVERYTHING!
  • Commerical License Included!