Wellness & Self Care Printables

One of my personal favorite niches is the wellness and self-care market.  Not only do these printables always sell, but they sell throughout the year as they aren’t based on a specific season.

Wellness planners require careful planning when designing layouts as the self-care market is one where customers are looking for specific key pages, including guided planners as well as areas that provide them with the freedom to self-document.

We’ve been involved in the wellness and self-care market for many years, so you can count on the fact that our printable designs were crafted with what your audience will want most!

Best of all, with your commercial-use license, you are allowed to sell this beautifully designed printable package as your own on Etsy, Shopify, your blog, or anywhere else you choose!

Take a look at just a handful of the gorgeous layouts included with your purchase:

The Wellness & Self-Care printable and planner package was designed by Kate Riley and Kellie Dixon and is being made available exclusively on this website!

Here are just some of the beautifully crafted printable pages that come with this package:

  • Self-Care Planner
  • Prompt Pages
  • Inspirational Pages
  • Mental Health pages
  • Emotional progress/tracker
  • All About You (Well-being/positive)
  • Mood tracker (geared towards general well-being)
  • Positive Days (inspirational tracker)
  • Coping Strategies
  • Weekly Reflections (7-day planner)
  • Getting to Know Yourself
  • Moments of Joy
  • Personal Notes
  • Grateful Heart Pages
  • Wellness Goals
  • Career, Health, Self, Spiritual Goal Pages
  • Mood Wheel
  • And more!

You can easily customize the pages and turn this package into a niche-specific planner, such as a journal for weight loss or starting a new blog or business! Endless possibilities!

Each page was carefully designed to include important layouts that customers want.  All fonts included are free for commercial use as well, and you’ll receive a font page listing with your purchase.

The Premium Wellness & Self Care printable pack comes in letter-size, 8.5×11 – the most popular planning size for this market!

All Inclusive Package
The Wellness & Self-Care printable package is bundled with everything you need to start making money in the printable market! Sell on Etsy, Shopify, your blog, or turn it into an Amazon journal – the choice is yours!

  • Commercial-Use Licensing
  • Font Files Included
  • Source Files Included