You'll feel like you robbed a bank with these in-demand, easy-to-sell low content books!

Check out this brand-new collection of five premium high-quality, high-content journals and workbooks that you can sell as your own!

PLUS, you'll also receive a copy & paste keyword swipe file and a full listing of recommended categories for every single package! 

It's like hiring me to design a custom package, complete with niche research, but at a fraction of what that would cost!

And because I'm also limiting it to a small group of people, the value of your purchase just skyrocketed.

With all-inclusive packages like this, you're able to stand out, build a customer base in each niche quickly, and maximize your book (or printable) sales quickly!

And while I can't show the interiors to protect my buyers from copycats, I can say that all five niches are in highly-profitable, evergreen markets where there's still so much money to be made.

Here's a quick breakdown of each package included with your purchase:

  • A 100-page confidence building workbook, geared towards women, (though we've recently discovered that books created specifically for men are also top-earners). This one includes a combination of thought-provoking pages, exercises and activities.

  • A 120-page, thought-provoking journal designed for kids is in an extremely profitable niche that parents LOVE to purchase in! This package is aimed towards helping kids from 8-12 learn to accept and love themselves for all that they are.

  • A 365-day, 126-page workbook for kids in a SUPER HOT niche!  Not educational-based and therefore easy to edit and customize, if you wish!  This is one of my favorite niches because it's still so easy to stand out and generate sales quickly.

  • A 100-page workbook in a lifetime-market (meaning, as long as we're alive this niche will continue to be popular), geared towards positive thinking and improving your life. Tailored to a specific audience of regular customers who can't get enough of these books!

  • A content-heavy workbook in a ever-growing, very important niche, aimed at both men and women. This 100-page book is based on one of my top-selling niches of the past 10 months, and is completely original, and exclusive to this bundle.

I've essentially eliminated the time consuming work typically involved in researching niches and then designing high-quality, content-heavy workbooks and journals for these ravenous buyers!

In fact, all you need to get started is a cover for each book!

In addition, you'll also receive access to my coveted PowerPoint design source files, which means you can customize or rearrange the pages however you wish.

And to top it all off, you will also receive a special commercial-use license which allows you to sell these books on Amazon KDP, as well as any other platform you choose.  

In fact, most of my customers repurpose my designs so they can make even more money by selling them as printables on Etsy or Shopify!  The possibilities are endless with this special license.

Make out like a bandit with these in-demand, highly profitable KDP books!

So, let's quickly recap everything you'll get: 

  • 5 Premium, Never-Before-Seen Journals & Workbooks
  • Keywords for every niche: copy & paste these into your backend!
  • Category Suggestions for every book
  • Source Files (PowerPoint, PDF), so you can edit and customize as you wish!
  • Font Listing (only free fonts are used in our designs so you don't have to purchase anything extra!)
  • Ready-to-Upload to Amazon KDP!
  • Commercial-Use Licens

There is no limit to the possibilities with this premium package, complete with commercial-use licensing!


Yours in success,

Kate Riley,

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