Skyrocket Your KDP Income With Done-For-You Low Content Books You Can Sell As Your Own!

If you want to start making money publishing low content books on Amazon KDP without having to design any of your own low-content books, you'll want to grab this collection of 9 complete books you can instantly upload and sell as your own!


Self Care Journal Package

This professional self-care study includes 33 different layouts in this ready-to-sell package! 

Some of these layouts include:

  • Mood Trackers
  • Year in Color
  • Self Care Checklists
  • Inspirational Quotes
  • Self Care Prompts
  • 12-Month Tracker
  • Affirmations
  • Etch & Sketch Pages
  • Positive Thoughts Layouts
  • Self Care Log Book
  • Self Reflection Pages
  • Grateful Thoughts
  • Me Time
  • Mental Health Monitor
  • Self Care Goals
  • Self Care Techniques
  • And many more!

You’ll also get templates designed for all the main marketplaces, including Amazon & Etsy!

This is a scorching hot KDP market!


Prayer & Bible Study Journal

The Bible study and prayer journal niche is an ever-growing one with thousands of buyers purchasing new journals every month.

This is a top-selling low content niche and people are buying these like crazy on Amazon!

This professional prayer journal and bible study includes 30 different layouts! 

  • Prayer Requests
  • Sermon Notes 
  • Prayer Cards
  • Spiritual prompts
  • Prayers for My Family
  • Prayers for My Friends
  • Prayer Journal Layouts (multiple)
  • Hymn Study
  • Sermon Tracker
  • Inspirational Prompts
  • And many more!

Eliminate your workload and start making money  with this done-for-you professional package!


Baby Book & Adoption Book

Based on popular demand from our Amazon buyers, we’ve created an all-inclusive adoption/baby book for an ever-growing customer base who love these journals!

This professional adoption journal and baby book includes all of the following layouts:

  • Family tree
  • Birthday Layouts
  • Baby Milestones
  • Our Journey
  • Love Letters from Mommy & Daddy
  • Forever Family
  • Photo layouts
  • And many more!

This journal also doubles as a traditional baby book. You just have to remove a couple of the pages focused on adoption and it’s ready to go!

You’ll also get this special package in 3 colors and in two different formats, including a ready-to-sell PDF format that you can upload to Amazon or other marketplaces instantly!

Its dimensions are: 8.5×11 – perfect size for baby books! Take a look at just a few of the beautiful layouts you’ll receive with your purchase:


Wedding Planner

This is one of our favorite niches because not only is it profitable, but it’s an evergreen market that will always be in demand! 

This layout is based on the type of popular planners we personally sell so we know people are looking for when it comes to this niche.

In fact, this market is SCORCHING HOT, with thousands of new brides-to-be looking for a planner just like this so they can document, plan and track their wedding planning!

This special package includes all of the following:

  • 100-page, 8.5×11 inch ready-made journal.
  • PDF files (ready to upload!), as well as PowerPoint source files in case you wish to change anything.

This is a complete ready-to-publish journal, so you don’t have to fiddle around in Photoshop, PowerPoint or anything else – just upload to your Amazon account, click publish and you’re in business.


Blog Planner

Looking for a blog planner that you can start selling to the thousands of buyers always on the lookout for professional planners?

Then look no further because we’ve just released a hot new blog / business planner that's evergreen (meaning you will never have to update it each year).

The layouts in this exclusive planner are based on the same templates we personally use so we know what new and seasoned bloggers are looking for!

This includes all of the following layouts:

  • Creative Ideas / Post Planner
  • Monthly Overview
  • Content Management Pages
  • Monetizing Your Blog
  • Affiliate Account Management
  • Blog Design Planner
  • Brand Creation
  • SEO Checklist
  • Design Checklist
  • Blog Control Page
  • Social Media Management
  • Marketing Progress Reports
  • Monthly Goals
  • Guest Post Planning

You’ll also get a ready-to-sell PDF that you can upload to Amazon or other marketplaces instantly!


Weight Loss Tracker

The weight loss niche is a billion-dollar market. 

Not only are people making money selling recipes, weight loss programs, training guides and meal planners but savvy low content publishers are cashing in on the ongoing demand for weight loss journals, trackers and planners.

So by request, we’ve created a brand new, done-for-you journal so you can also start making money in this incredibly profitable niche market!

This layout is based on the type of journals we personally sell so we know people are looking for these themes.


Gratitude Journal

As you likely already know, gratitude journals are some of the top selling planners on Amazon and Etsy.

Best of all, these surefire sellers are in an evergreen niche market, meaning that they’ll always be in demand!

That’s why we decided to create this done-for-you gratitude journal package, making it easy for you to instantly publish your very own gratitude planner/journal on Amazon.

This includes ALL of the following layouts:

  • Daily Affirmations
  • Grateful Reminders
  • Positive Thinking
  • Personal Reflections
  • To Do List (Self Care, etc)
  • Full day planner
  • Reasons to Smile
  • Lined journal pages
  • And More! 


Weekly Planner

This time-saving, beautiful 7-day weekly planner includes everything you need to publish a low content planner or journal quickly and easily!

With your purchase, you’ll get all of the following layouts:

  • This Year’s Goals layout
  • My Action Plan layout 
  • Weekly Agenda layout
  • Daily Planner layout
  • Weekly Planner #1 layout
  • Weekly Planner #2 layout
  • Checklist layout


Productivity & Organizing

Productivity & goal planners are EXTREMELY hot sellers!

We're making thousands of dollars a month selling these productivity planners, goal planners and organizational books!

Now you can quickly get in on the action with our done-for-you goal planning package that gives buyers exactly what they’re looking for.

And best of all, you don’t have to create a single page or layout. Just upload the package we’ve created for you to Amazon and you’re good to go!

Some of the pages include:

  • Lined pages
  • Month in Review
  • Checklist
  • This Year’s Goals
  • Goal Action Plan
  • Vision Board
  • And More!

This Special Price Includes Commercial Rights License So You Can Sell These As Your Own On Amazon KDP, Etsy & Beyond!

Currently Just $57!

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