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Hi there,

I've been publishing in the low content market for a few years now, and while I love this market, like most businesses, it experiences high's and low's.  

For a time, the low content market had appeared to be somewhat saturated, especially after a few people created bulk-uploading tools and courses taught people that the only way to make any money in this space was to upload thousands of books.

I said it then, and I'll say it again today: That's total BS.

If you've been in this market for any length of time, chances are you've already noticed that most of your sales come from just a small number of your books.

And I'm willing to bet that if you look a little closer you'll discover that many of your sales come from niches that aren't the usual suspects.

In other words, not the obvious niches that everyone and their Grandma are publishing in.

If You're Still Focused On The "Main" Niches, You'll Always Struggle To Make Money.

Take the adult coloring book market, for example.  

I published a handful of books in the "main" adult coloring market, and while I did make sales, it wasn't anything to write home about. I averaged about $740 a month with those books, never breaking a $1,000 month in that niche.

But when I dug deeper, wading through countless sub-niches and tearing every book apart and reading every review so I understood every angle of the market, I was amazed at what I found.

And the same thing happened with countless other niches over the last few months.  

The ones that we all targeted when we first started out in low-content publishing have been hammered. We both know that. It's time for a change, a shift in focus.

Perhaps those are the niches you're still focused on. If so, then you know all too well that only those willing to fork over a ton of money in advertising are making any real money. 

The good news is, it doesn't have to be that way.

You aren't too late to the game, and yes, you can still make a steady income from low content publishing, but you need to go deep into the Amazon trenches and poke around in the little goldmines that few publishers are paying attention to. 

Because not only is there far less competition in these niches, there are thousands of buyers looking for those books.

In fact, most often, the deeper you dig, the more money you'll make.

And that's what this special offer is all about.

I wanted to create something different—something I had never done before—something that would give people a solid place to start when entering 2022 and with the KDP market booming once again.

So, I started thinking about what I would have valued most when I was trying to hit my first $5,000 month on Amazon KDP, and one thing kept popping up in my mind.

Most people need interiors, sure, they'll certainly save you a ton of time and they are incredibly valuable if designed well, however there's one thing that's more useful, more beneficial to anyone who is looking to make money in low-content publishing.

A clear breakdown of some of my very best niches—ones that continue to earn thousands of dollars in book sales.

And that's what I'm offering you today.

5-Figure Niche Reports + Exclusive Interiors!

I've created 12 in-depth niche reports, one for every month of 2022.

That way, you can hit the ground running in the new year and finally see real results.

The way I've structured this special package is very simple:

From the moment you claim your spot, you will get instant access to all 12 niche reports, and interiors for most of those niches.

In fact, I've created brand new interiors for 10/12 niches and in some cases, you get more than one interior for a single niche.

That means that you will have a clear-cut system going into 2022.

You can then simply grab a niche report, read it over, then download the ready-made interior.

You'll also get the source files so you can easily customize or re-arrange them, if you wish, and then you upload your book to Amazon.

I even give you keywords, categories and a complete breakdown—essentially, everything you need.

The next month, you grab another niche report and interior and you're good to go, month after month, like clockwork, without having to spend days researching niches or wasting time sitting around scratching your head, trying to figure out what niche to tackle next.

Or, you can choose to dive into every niche right away since you'll gain access to all 12 packages at once—the choice is yours!

Plus, since this offer is limited to only 60 people, that means that you will be one of only a small group to ever gain access to not only the niche reports, but to the brand new interiors.

These interiors have never been sold on my shop and they never will be. They are only available as part of this special offer.  With so few people gaining access to them, they become even more valuable.

That means you'll have everything you need throughout 2022 to finally grow your KDP business and take it to the next level.

And for many, that next level could be life-changing.

Niches Are Often Our Most Guarded Asset.

I'm About To Reveal 12 Of Mine.

While I can't reveal any of the niches on this page for obvious reasons, I can promise that they are all incredibly profitable, very low-barrier of entry, and not something you'll easily find on someone's YouTube channel, or blog.

As you know, protecting your niches is important and while I've shared some of mine over the years, I have never shared these ones, and for good reason.

But thankfully, there's still plenty of room in these markets!

Fun facts:
Niche #1 consistently earns over $3,300 a month from only 5 of my books.

I've designed TWO interiors for you to publish in this niche, making it easy for you to get started.

Niche #2 was one I stumbled onto while visiting a different marketplace, not Amazon. When I started digging into whether it was equally as profitable there, I was thrilled at how many copies my first book sold. 

I've designed a brand new, exclusive interior for you to publish in this niche.

Niche #3 is one of my favorite niches because I personally use these journals myself, every single day.

And once I discovered that books geared towards kids rather than adults, was even more profitable, I changed my entire focus and my new books keep beating their previous monthly high's.  

I've designed a special interior for you to use in this niche.

Niche #4 is a monster one, but I've made way more money publishing in sub-niches rather than the main one and that's what I will guide you to do.

I've created an interior for this niche, ready for you to publish.

And so on!  :)

The niche reports are very detailed and include everything you need to know about the niche and how to make the most money out of each one.

In fact, every niche report includes all of the following information:

  • Top Selling Books (with monthly earnings):  I only focus on books from self-publishers, no mainstream "big-money" ad spending publishing houses. That way you can see what's truly possible.

  • Best Keywords (High traffic, low competition!) Keyword research always takes me the most time, but you will have a done-for-you list for each niche, ready to copy and paste into KDP.

  • Best Categories for Maximum Exposure

  • A complete breakdown of the niche (In fact, the niche reports total over 12,000 words!)

As you'll soon see, I've spent a great deal of time documenting my top-earning niches and today I'm incredibly excited to share them with a very small group.

I want us all to benefit from this information while protecting my money-makers, and I also want to keep our group small but mighty. :)

And while you won't know what the niches are until after you purchase, you can rest assured that it's very unlikely you are in all of these niches.

And even if you're in a few of them, I provide a new perspective on all of them, as well as ideas that have worked for me that I'm confident you haven't heard of before. Plus, I'm including a couple bonus niches as well.

Okay, now onto the price!

Those of you who have purchased from me before know that I rarely force one-time-offers or upsells of any kinds in my sales process. I like to keep things easy, and I'd rather add extra value in wherever I can for free.

This is no different. You pay once for instant access into the KDP Overdrive download center. You can then download all 12 of the niche reports, as well as the exclusive interiors.

There are no upsells, and no additional paid offers today. The KDP Overdrive package that includes 12, 5-Figure Niche Reports + Interiors is the only thing you need to purchase.

And to top it all off, I've priced this as low as I possibly could.

Just the cost of the interiors alone would be more than the price below, if I sold them on my shop.

Limited licenses available. Once the spots have been purchased, the link below will no longer work. 

Before you can purchase, you MUST agree that you will never share the information in these niche reports. You will receive a commercial-use license for the interiors, not the niche reports. Those are just for your eyes only.

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