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Gain Instant Access To A Monster-Size Collection of In-Demand Printables & Low Content Books!

Hi there,

Unlike long-winded, traditional sales pages I'm going to keep this one simple, short and to the point.  I'll let the graphics below that outline just some of the printables and low content interiors you're about to gain access to, speak for themselves.

Here's everything you need to know:

* You'll save a ton of money by purchasing this package. Rather than pay $37+ per journal or printable pack, you'll get access to over 100 unique layouts for a one-time price.  It's also priced ridiculously low considering the mammoth-size collection I've designed for you.

* You're buying from the creator, not a third-party vendor. I know what the market wants, I've analyzed and studied countless niches and I've included interiors and printables for most of the top, in-demand markets.  The work's been done for you.

* You're getting much more than a bundle of printables and low content interiors: you're getting masterfully designed layouts that offer you an incredibly wide variety of options.

In fact, the possibilities are endless with your access to this never-before-offered collection. Because not only do you get a ton of content to publish under your own brand/name, but you can quickly mix & match templates to create your own unique packages!  No worrying about other people having the exact same journal, planner or printable pack as yours!

* This isn't a membership site or any sort of recurring charge. You pay once, you get instant access and it's yours for life.  No gimmicks, no BS.

The truth is, when it comes to powering up your KDP or printable business, most people struggle with the design process.  No one wants to spend hours poured over their keyboard, working on countless designs (and dealing with the time-consuming, exhausting creative process that goes into something like this).

And after today, you'll never have to!

I've giving you enough templates, interiors and printables that it's unlikely you'll need anything else for a long time to come.  It's a no-brainer!

KDP Power Players is available to only members of my inner circle Facebook group and newsletter at this time.  I want you to get the best deal possible while also getting the upper-hand advantage.  

Please don't share this sales page link with anyone outside the group.

Check Out Just a Few of the  In-Demand Printables and KDP Interiors That Are Included! Top Niches Covered!

It's impossible to show you every layout that's included in this collection: there are just too many! Plus, I want to keep the layouts between you and I so here's just a snippet of what's included.

Over 100 unique layouts included with grey-scale or black & white always an option when there are color versions! This package would take the average person MONTHS to create!  You don't have to spend even one minute!  

Level Up Your Printable AND KDP Publishing Game With This Premium Collection of Brand New Designs!

With this bundle, you won't need to brainstorm ideas for new printables or KDP books!  Use the included pages to generate hundreds of beautiful books and packages!

  1. 1
    Save time and money with this special offer that includes over 100+ designs! The main file includes 152 pages of layouts with different color versions available! All in 8.5x11 (popular) size.
  2. 2
    Power up your business, load your shop, store of KDP account with a ton of new, in-demand content all without ever having to spend a minute in designing and planning!
  3. 3
    Kick Start Your Printable Business easily!  This package would keep any Etsy or Shopify shop stocked for YEARS!

Claim Your Copy of KDP Power Players Now At The Lowest Possible Price That Will Ever Be Offered!

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I can't wait for you to see this brand new collection!

I know my sales page probably doesn't do this offer justice, but I did my best to highlight the key reasons why I designed this collection of in-demand printables and KDP books for you.  

I want to help you boost sales and be able to join the ranks of those of us who earn a full-time income from digital products, just like these!  I look forward to hearing from you.

Kate Riley