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Let's face it: Creating low content books can be incredibly time consuming.

First, you have to research niches so you can find scorching hot markets filled with hungry buyers. This can take hours, if not days to do... and there's no guarantee you'll ever uncover those profitable goldmines.

I'm talking about the kind of niches that can generate thousands of dollars a month on autopilot.

But let's say you got lucky, and you managed to find a couple of in-demand niches where people are actively buying journals, planners, organizers and printables.

What then?

Now the real work begins.

The Low Content Publishing Process


Design a Stand-Out Interior

You need to create gorgeous interiors that people will want to buy.  You could use PowerPoint, Word, Illustrator or any other tool you wish, but there's no way around it - designing templates takes time and careful planning.

Even professional designers can spend days creating printable layouts and interiors for low content books. Trust me, I know. My last template, The Mom Pack, took over 2 days to create!

So, after a lot of time, hair-pulling (and coffee), you manage to get a beautiful layout ready.  You know buyers in that niche are going to love the interior because it's designed around what they are most interested in.

Great job!  But, you're far from being done.


Design an Attention-Grabbing Cover

Next you have to design a killer cover that instantly captures attention and helps you stand out from the crowd.

According to marketing experts, you have less than 5 seconds to get their attention or they're scrolling away from your listing.

How's that for stressful?

If you don't create a book cover that stands out you'll never sell a single copy.

Okay, at this point you've managed to wrangle together a decent cover. Or, perhaps you're a Photoshop rock-star and covers are your forte. 

Awesome! But, hold on, there's still more work to do.

Yeah, I know, it sucks to spend so much time creating your book interir only to find that you're nowhere close to hitting that publish button.

Because now it's time for more research! Ugh.


Uncover Buyer-Specific Keywords

If you've been publishing low content books (or any kind of books for that matter), you know that keyword research is a critical component to the success of a launch.

So, you need to dig DEEP.  

Your next step is to uncover those keywords that are being actively used by consumers. The ones that will trigger the algorithm's so you're able to increase visibility and skyrocket sales.

After all, if people can't see your books, they can't buy them, right?

Okay, so now you're finally ready to finally make money with your low content book, right?

Not quite. Sorry to rain on your parade, but you're still not ready to hit the publish button. 

You still have to:

  • Choose a title for your book that isn't generic or bland.

  • Write a compelling blurb for your book that showcases why people should buy it.

  • Research what book sizes people really want (every niche is different!)

  • Decide on what type of cover people want (a glossy one or matte? You'd be surprised how particular certain niche buyers can be!)

But What If There Was A Way To Skip A Lot Of The Hard Work Involved?

Done For You Books

Download 6 in-demand low content books focused on scorching hot niche markets that always sell!

These are ready to be uploaded to your Amazon KDP account. No editing or customizing required.

Customizable Covers

Gain access to our brand new journal cover collection that includes many different covers, complete with source files.

No more time spent searching for stock photos or fiddling around with graphic design programs!

Keyword Swipe Files

Download keyword swipe files for some of the hottest niche markets!

These are designed to help you maximize visibility so you can sell more books! Just copy & paste these keywords into your Amazon KDP account and you're good to go!

Free Bonus! Niche Reports

Download 10 niche profit reports including Kate's top selling markets!

These reports provide a complete niche breakdown, including categories, and in some cases, we've even created pre-written book blurb ideas that you can copy & paste!

Take A Look At The 6 Brand New Packages You'll Gain Access To!


With thousands of people headed to campsites every day, the camping niche is a scorching hot market to be in!

With this package, you'll have multiple books that are ready to upload to KDP, including multiple book lengths and more.

Plus, you'll also have full access to source files so you can edit or customize the book however you wish!

We sell a ton of camping journals every month, even when it's winter here in Canada! :)


Most of our top selling journals are geared towards a very specific audience, like Mom's buying journals for their daughters!

This is an evergreen niche that is easy to dominate with hot covers and beautiful, yet simplistic layouts, including notes from Mom allowing personalization before gifting!

This package includes books in different page lengths and is sized 8x10 based on what our customers want most.

This is a fun journal with pages that include cool layouts like movie trackers, books to read, future plans and more.


Analyzing our sales reports from the last few months and it was clear that journals dedicated to friendship are consistently hot sellers.

These make great gifts so it's easy to see why they always sell so well.

This special package comes in 8x10 inches and includes multiple page length options.  People will buy these as gifts ALL YEAR LONG!

Price these ones up! You'll be surprised how many you can sell.


Coffee lovers unite!

If you want to make more money with your low content books you need to focus on larger audiences of die-hard fans, and coffee lovers were found at the top of the list!

This package includes multiple book lengths in the most popular size.

Source files and commercial-use licenses are included at no extra cost!


It should come as no surprise that travel journals sell like ice cream on a summer day.  

With thousands of people planning vacations, business trips and get-away's everyday, these journals are always some of our best selling books!

This package includes:

Multiple Lengths

8x10 sizing (based on demand!)

Source files
Commercial License


The idea to publish a beach journal came from the many friends who requested it - and then things just took off from there!

Beach bums unite! This journal features a simplistic design so there's plenty of room to jot down notes, plan a vacation, or just use it as a "Dear Diary" notebook - the possibilities are endless.

Sized 6x9, it's easy to fit in a purse or beach bag!

  • Includes Source Files
  • Multiple Layouts
  • Many different page length styles

Here's a recap of everything you'll gain access to:

6 professionally designed interior templates, ready to upload to your Amazon KDP account! These are based on what are proven to sell!

FREE access to our brand new cover collection! PSD and PDF (ready to upload) files included! Re-colorize the backgrounds to make them your own!

Niche reports on various top-selling markets, including keyword swipe files, category suggestions, and much more - all included at no additional cost!!

Source files to EVERY included interior and template package! PLUS + A Commercial License that allows YOU to sell these books and make money, just like we do!

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Created Just For You

Our low content interiors and templates were created in-house by myself and my team so they aren't available anywhere else. Our designers specialize in creating gorgeous low content interiors that are based on what WE personally sell.  This is what your customers want! :)

Kate Riley

Frequently Asked Questions

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