Grab Your Copy Of This In-Demand, Seasonal Amazon KDP Planner + Free Color Etsy Version!

Includes: Amazon KDP Fitness Journal (3 lengths) and Color Printable Version!

I've put together a new fitness mini kit for my inner circle that includes a KDP Book in 3 lengths as well as a color version that's perfect for Etsy.

Fitness anything sells really well this time of year with people wanting to shed some weight for the summer.  Color printables sell really well on Etsy and Shopify, while KDP planners geared towards simplistic layouts always outsell all others! :)

Just $27!

With a highly-coveted commercial-use license included!

This is a mini kit, which means that it isn't a massive collection like some of my other priced offers, but instead, it gets down to the nitty-gritty.  

That means, it includes 6 unique professionally-designed, minimalist layouts, 3 Amazon KDP books in 150-page, 120-page, and 100-page lengths, and is in letter size: 8.5x11.

I've also included source files, a font directory and your commercial-use license which allows you to set your own price and resell personal-use rights as though it's your own product!

In addition, this My Fit Life mini-kit is only available here and isn't sold separately on my shop (so you don't haev to worry that you may already have it—you don't!).

So, let's quickly recap everything you'll get for one crazy-low price:

  • 6 Professional (Minimalist) Designs
  • 150-page, 120-page and 100-page Amazon KDP Versions
  • Etsy Printable Version in COLOR
  • Source Files (PowerPoint, PDF)
  • Ready-to-Upload!
  • Commercial-Use Reseller License


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