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If you've ever worked on printable designs for your Etsy, Shopify or website, then you know how much time they take to create. From designing multiple color schemes to creating the different sizes that buyers want, you can easily spend weeks creating designs in the hope that people buy them. 

But what if you could instantly load your shop with fresh inventory without having to lift a finger?

After today, you can!


Printable Pros Premium Reseller Bundle!

Ready to upload to your shop. Set your own pricing, customize as needed and sell as your own!

Over 100+ Printable Pages!

The printables included in this brand new collection will give your shop an instant boost in sales. 

They were all designed by professional printable creators and are based on hot, evergreen markets: which means that not only will you never have to update them, but demand is at an all-time high!

Upload these to your shop and skyrocket sales quickly and easily. These are the kind of printables that people are buying every single day across all printable markets!

Whether you're new to selling printables, or you've been at it for some time, you know the importance of updating your website or shop with fresh content.

Not only will it help boost your rank in Google (which means more traffic), but fresh updates send signals to Etsy notifying them that you have something new to offer which will ultimately maximize exposure to all your listings.

And ladies & gentlemen, that's how you can easily maximize sales and kick-start your shop!

5 Top-Selling Printable Packages That Are Ready To Make You Money!

Printable Pack #1:  Baby Bundle (includes 2 different printable packages in 1)

Let's take a closer look at this beautiful layout that new parents will love!

Printables geared towards new parents are always top-sellers on Etsy and this package includes not just 1 printable set, but TWO different designs!  

Baby Memories comes in 5 different colors with room for baby memory cards and photographs.  

Baby Progress Report is a secondary bonus package that helps parents document their child's development while keeping record of memories along the way.

In addition, both Baby Memories and Baby Progress Report printable packs come in 3 popular sizes: letter, A4 and A5, saving you a ton of time!

Here's a preview of the second printable set, Baby Progress Report, that comes in both pink and blue.

Both of these printable packs come in all 3 popular sizes as well as PowerPoint source files and done-for-you PDF files, ready to be uploaded to your shop!

Printable Pack #2:  Budget Planning Printable Pack

The Budget Planning printable set is one that your customers will absolutely love!

This package includes a 2-page set (cover sheet & budget planner) and comes in 4 different colors with a matching cover printable. You'll also get private label rights, PowerPoint source files, PDF files and I've done all the work for you including creating 3 popular sizes: letter, A4 and A5.

Budget planning printables are always in demand, especially with the current economy so you'll have no trouble selling this one on your shop or blog!  

Printable Pack #3:  Debt Management Printable Collection

Debt management printables are always some of our top-sellers and for good reason! People are always looking for ways to manage debt, track expenses and minimize costs. 

This package includes 22 pages of printables (21 designs + matching cover sheet) and comes in TWO colors which means you'll have 44 pages of printables to sell in this mega bundle!

You'll get a red and green version, along with PowerPoint source files, font list (all commercial-free fonts), and much more.  Check out just a few of the many designs included in this package!

Printable Pack #4:  Fitness & Weight Loss Premium Printables

As you probably already know, few printable markets are as profitable as the fitness and weight loss niche! This is your chance to add an additional income stream to your business.

This package includes 21 designs plus customizable cover sheet. You'll get dozens of beautiful layouts that were carefully crafted by a top-selling printable designer.

Plus, you'll gain access to source files so you can customize as needed, font files and a private label license allowing you to sell it as your own at your own price. :)

From measurement trackers, weight loss/gain reports, fitness ideas, workout routines, healthy eating planners and personal challenge sheets,  this is one of our favorite packages we've ever designed and your customers will absolutely love it.

This is a premium weight loss & fitness printable collection with TONS of options & colors!

Because fitness and weight loss printables are always top-sellers, I worked hard to give you even more printables to sell to this hungry market!

This includes 3 additional color schemes: such as the always-popular multi-color collection as well as dark blue and light blue.

++ PLUS ++ you'll receive additional covers for each package.  The 3 additional printable packs come in letter size and A4.

This extended weight loss & fitness printable collection is worth the price of this entire offer alone!

Take a look at just a few of the gorgeous printables that you'll be able to sell as your own.

Printable Pack #5:  Goal Planning Printable Collection

Goal setting printables are always in demand with people desperate to reach their objectives and make positive changes in their lives.  

This package includes 2 different printable design packs in 1!  This means you'll have even more printable designs to sell either as a bundle, binder or singles!

Remember, you'll not only gain access to source files and private label rights for all 5 printable packages, but I've also created print-ready versions and different sizes of every printable pack for you!

The Printable Pros Premium Collection was designed for anyone who wants to make money with printables without the time-consuming design process.

In fact, with this collection, you are given private label rights to the entire package, which allows you to set your own pricing and sell them under your own brand.  

Instant inventory for your shop while bypassing the time-consuming design process!

This includes: 5 different printable packages that are ready to sell, as well as different sizes that customers are desperately looking for and rare private label rights and source files!

PLUS Gain Access To 18 Additional Printables For FREE!

For a limited time only, you'll gain access to an additional bonus printable collection that includes 18 various printable pages in different colors and sizes! 

This includes:

  • Menu Planner
  • Boss Journal
  • Contact Sheets (emergency, etc.)
  • Moving Day printable sheets


Here's a Quick Recap of Everything You'll Get!

  1. 1
    5 professionally designed printable packs (over 100 pages in total!) - These are all based on proven markets where demand is at an all-time high!
  2. 2
    Power up your business, load your shop, and start making money without having to spend hours in design mode.  This package comes with both private label rights and commercial-use licensing!
  3. 3
    Fully loaded packages that include PowerPoint source files. In addition, most packages come in 3 different sizes: letter, A4 and A5 which gives you even more options when selling!
  4. 4
    Easy to customize - even if you aren't a design pro we've created these printables so that you can easily drag & drop, recolorize or change the layouts within PowerPoint.
  5. 5
    Bonus package - I'm including an additional 18 printable pages that you can sell as singles or in one collection: the choice is yours! These also include commercial-use licensing and private label rights.
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The sky is the limit!

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