Gain Instant Access to a Massive Collection of Brand New, IN-DEMAND Printables & Planners That You Can Sell As Your Own!

Hi there,

Fact: The printable market is now my #1 selling business, beating all of my other side hustles including publishing fiction books (and I'm a bestselling author!)  

But full transparency, there is a method to the madness.

What's the so-called "secret"?

It's actually quite simple. The key to making 6-figures a year with printables is to cater to markets that are ever-growing and are ever-staying

Sure, you can make a quick buck selling printables that follow current trends (COVID, etc), but if you want to set yourself up for long-term success, you should always focus your primary shops on the large-scale markets.

People in these massive markets like health & weight loss, self-improvement, self-employment and self-care, just to name a few, aren't occasional printable users - they use printables all the time.

It's part of their daily life, which means that they're always looking to purchase new layouts and designs.

And this means your customer base will buy from you again and again, not just every so often.

In addition, there are a few niches that pop up and quickly stand out from the crowd like a few of the ones I've recently ventured into that tripled my income in a matter of a couple weeks. 

Want to know what these niches are? And do you want to tap into an instant source for fresh, new products that you can sell?

Then, read on, my friend! :)

Introducing Printable Vault! 

As you know, I run a group for low content publishing. People in my inner circle make money selling planners and journals on Amazon KDP and many of them have ventured into the printable market with me because it's just so lucrative.

But, there's one major issue: many of them struggle to create their own printable designs.

The truth is, designing printables and low-content-interiors isn't something that everyone enjoys, or even wants to learn.  

There's no sugar-coating it: Planning out and designing printables and planners is incredibly time consuming, and there can be a rather steep learning curve to it, depending on the design program you plan to use.

Then it dawned on me:

What would I personally find most valuable when I was starting out in this niche?

Resources! Lots and lots of design options and done-for-you content.

After all, someone handing you ready-made products to sell is obviously the most valuable offer of them all!  

It not only saves you a tremendous amount of time, but you can get your hands on planners and printables that were created by professional graphic designers with years of experience... which will help you quickly level up your shop!

And that's when I decided to create the Printable Vault.

With your all-access-pass into the Vault, you'll be able to download over 200 printables and 8 done-for-you planners (that can easily be turned into Amazon KDP books if you want to power up your publishing biz!).

This includes printables in all the following niches:

Baby showers, bridal shower games, home school planning (virtual schools as well!), kid activities, self-care/anti-stress pages, and much more...

Plus, you'll be able to download my special Niche Report which is updated every time I uncover a new profitable niche that I feel you should know about!

That means you'll be able to minimize research and start selling in markets that are proven earners. :)

Remember how I mentioned a few new niches that quickly maximized my income?

These niches are in the "seasons of life" market.  This includes things like pregnancy, marriage - all of the special occasions and events that people want to celebrate.

Not only do people buy tons of printables in these markets, but the markets are evergreen! People are always getting married, throwing bridal showers, having babies... which means you'll tap into a massive market of avid buyers.

Now, onto the goods!

Take a quick look at some of the printable designs that you're about to gain access to!

Baby Shower Games

Baby Shower printables are always in demand, especially printables designed around games!  

And because this is such a hot, evergreen niche, I've created 2 baby shower planners and printable packs (2 different color schemes/themes) with 14 unique pages per pack.

You'll also get: PowerPoint source files so you can easily customize and edit the pages (or create Amazon KDP books from my printable pages!).

In addition, you'll receive commercial-use licensing which means that you're able to sell these as your own, at your own price point and under your own brand.

The only thing you can't do it sell the source files or any resell rights - just personal use to your customers!

Sell these packages as a bundle or individually - the choice is yours!

Bridal Shower Games

Bridal shower printables are just as popular as baby shower games which is why I've created not one, but two different design packages that you can start selling right away!

The bridal shower games packages come with 10 different pages, totaling 20 pages that are ready to make you money!

Christmas Planner

Making sure you include a good supply of holiday printables on your shop is crucial if you want to skyrocket sales and drive organic traffic to your website at certain times of the year when demand is at an all-time high.  

With your Vault access, you'll receive printables in not just the Christmas niche, but the popular Halloween games niche as well!  

(The halloween games market is on the rise! People are always looking for print-out games they can play at Halloween parties, birthday parties and family get-togethers, especially where certain locations aren't allowing trick-or-treating due to the pandemic.)

But that's not all - not even close! :)

Home & Virtual School Printables

Obviously this is a HUGE market right now so I focused a lot of time on creating brand-new printables based on homeschooling and virtual learning.

And it's becoming one of our top selling niches due to the current climate.  

You'll get source files as well as a 24-page planner but that's not all ...  You'll also get more than 50 different activity pages and practice sheets for kids!

You can choose to include some of them with the homeschool planner, or sell separately in batches of 4-5 pages for even more money! :)

And just like that, you'll be able to load your Etsy shop or update your Amazon KDP account with in-demand, brand new content - without lifting a finger!

But there's even more included with your Vault all-access-pass!

Anti-Stress Printables Always Sell.

Anti-stress pages have been proven to be some of our most popular products on both Etsy and Amazon KDP.

These include carefully designed pages like Mandalas with repeated patterns as well as adult coloring pages geared towards combating stress and anxiety.

So I had my team of illustrators create a ton of gorgeous coloring pages, anti-stress Mandalas and even color-by-number, all geared towards the anti-stress/anxiety/depression/mental health niche markets.

Seen Enough?

Unlock The Printable Vault! 

Access into the Printable Vault is just a one-time payment. No recurring fees!  This includes resell rights to a massive collection of printables, source files, commercial-licensing and more!

Over 250 pages of printables are included!

Currently Just: $77