Quickly Boost Profits With This Brand New Collection of In-Demand KDP Interiors & Printables!

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I'm excited to share this brand new collection of KDP interiors (that can also be sold as printables) that I've created for my inner circle.

Not only does this special bundle feature fun and detailed designs, but they're geared towards profitable, evergreen niches!

As a designer and publisher myself, I'm always looking for steady earners as well as up & coming niches. I do my best to keep a steady pulse on the market because a single under-serviced niche could easily bring in an extra few thousand dollars a month.

And when you publish multiple books in those markets, that can quickly add up!

In this brand new bundle of KDP interiors (that double as printables), you'll be able to enter into some new markets you're likely not yet involved in, and you'll also be able to free up your time so you can enjoy the summer!


10 Gorgeous KDP Interior Packs Designed To Sell Throughout The Entire Year!

Please note:  The screenshots on this page aren't the same quality as the actual designs included in this collection. I've reduced them to increase page load speed, while still being able to provide you with a sneak peek.

In addition, only a small number of designs are featured on this page. There are actually 10 complete journals and workbooks, all of which are 100+ pages long, totaling, well, a boatload of hot, new content! :)

Renew your low-content publishing campaigns, load up your KDP (or Etsy) account with fresh inventory, and boost your income with this all-inclusive bundle of hot products you can sell as your own!

Let's take a closer look at everything you'll get with your one-time purchase:

If you want to create a rock-solid foundation for your low-content publishing and/or printable business, you'll want to make sure you're offering customers a small business planner (or anything geared towards making money online).

From the start of the pandemic, we've seen steady sales to anything involving side hustles, blog business planning, and small business start-up journals and workbooks. And sales are only continuing to grow!

With your purchase of Profit Builder, you'll receive a 150-page small business planner as well as a 100-page blog business planner. Each product includes a cover page as well as dozens of unique designs.

The small business planner also includes pages geared towards building, launching and growing a successful business throughout Q1-4, broken down into segments (since that's what our own customer base always wants!)

As you probably know gratitude journals are popular amongst all age groups, but how many sales you make really comes down to how unique your design is and what elements are available.

In this Gratitude Journal, your customers will be able to document their daily accomplishments, create an end-of-day summary, rank their overall day and more.

This gratitude journal can either be sold as is or you can customize it so it targets specific demographics (women, men, teens, and so on). The possibilities are endless!

Weekly and daily planners are considered the "OG" of printables and low content books, but if you want to make the most money possible in this ever-growing niche you'll want to feature designs that stand out, are clean and organized. 

Minimalist designs are always in demand as they provide the space needed for people to keep track of their goals and accomplishments.  

With your purchase of this special Profit Builder package, you'll not only get one of these best-selling products you can sell as your own, but you'll receive different versions (work at home planner, etc) that can be tailored to cater to many different sub-niches, filled with regular customers!

There are few niches more profitable than faith and bible study, so I've designed a brand new low content book that features bible reading & studying tracker pages.

These are always in-demand because people want to keep track of what they've recently read and learned.

I've also paired these tracking pages with scripture study layouts that include note-taking, questions, summary, key character study and other popular segments that my customer base loves!

This product is 150-pages, letter-size and includes a splash page.  I also cover both the NEW and OLD testament so as you can see, it's quite detailed!  

During a recent review of our income statements, we realized our wedding planners have been some of our top-sellers (no surprise, considering it's such a popular market, but sales are up even more than usual), so I wanted to create a brand new wedding planner just for this special collection!

The wedding niche is a consistently reliable earner, especially from April-November, so make sure you get this one up on Amazon and/or Etsy as soon as you can and cash in on this awesome niche!

The wedding planner in this package features a minimalist design with flare. It's 100 pages long and comes in letter-size. This is what my own KDP/Etsy customers want so you can count on steady sales as long as you pair it with a stand-out cover that appeals to your specific audience.

From packages including journals geared towards kids to customizable designs that can easily be turned into many different low content books and printables, you'll have a great collection of new products to sell!

Work from home planners have been in demand for years now, but as more people telecommute, these are continuing to grow in popularity.

This work at home planner package includes a cover/splash page, a weekly work day planner, a work day organizer, day by day planner, meeting notes, office tasks pages, and more!

This is one of my favorite packages because I use these myself! :)

Another great package focusing on planning and staying organized.  The pages are designed in letter-size for full page journaling, a popular request by customers in this evergreen market.

Journals that are geared towards helping kids document and better understand their emotions have been picking up steam since March 2023 and continues to grow in demand. 

This brand new journal includes fun designs that make it easy for kids of all ages to write down their thoughts and feelings each day through simple guided prompts.

As a mom, this is one of my favorite niches. It's not only profitable but with growing kids who deal with many life and body changes that aren't so easy to understand, it's also an extremely important one.

Let's quickly recap everything you'll get: 

  • 10 all-inclusive Low content books / Printable packages that you can sell!
  • Source Files (PowerPoint, PDF), so you can edit and customize as you wish!
  • Font Directory (only free fonts are used in our designs so you don't have to purchase anything extra!)
  • Ready-to-Upload to Amazon KDP,  Etsy & Beyond!
  • Getting Started Guide!
  • Commercial-Use License

Yours in success,

Kate Riley, NicheRaiders.com

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