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Hi there,

I'm always on the lookout for profitable, evergreen markets and sub-niches.

The reason you should always focus on evergreen niches above all others is so that you can generate sales all year long, rather than just during Q4 (typically the busiest time of year for the low-content market).

The problem is, researching niches takes a lot of time and effort. I understand the frustration, believe me. I often spend hours each month studying various niches, analyzing products (from the layout, to size, to important elements), and then I still have to spend hours creating the interiors!

It can get exhausting.

So, I decided to create volume #4 in my Surefire Sellers series, a brand new collection of medium-to-high content low content books!

With this package, you can break into five evergreen niches without having to spend hours designing your layouts or researching the market.  Because I've done all the work for you!  

(Please keep this page to yourself. It's only available to my inner-circle at this time.)

Instant Access to 5 Brand-New KDP Book & Printable Packages In Top-Selling Niches!

These professionally-designed low-content (Amazon KDP) & printable packages will save you tons of time, but because I'm also including the PowerPoint source files, you can easily take my designs and create alternative versions quickly without having to start from scratch!

Let's take a closer look at everything you're about to get!

Niche #1: Daily Affirmations for Mothers

The positive affirmation niche is a highly profitable nicheso if you haven't ventured into this popular, EVERGREEN market, now is the time to do it.

As an ever-growing sector of the self-help industry, positive affirmation journals are used by people to promote mental and emotional well-being, increase self-confidence, and foster an overall sense of positivity.

They also sell extremely well as gifts! 

Buying a journal or diary for someone to use as a tool for positive affirmations is a great way to help them increase self-confidence, foster an overall sense of positivity, and promote mental and emotional well-being.

The demand for journals and workbooks related to positive affirmations is very high, and many people are willing to pay for quality products. 

Niche #2:  Pregnancy Journal for Dads

These popular journals provide first-time dads with a space to express their thoughts and feelings during a pregnancy. This can be invaluable for helping new fathers process their emotions as they prepare to become a father.

This book is 150 pages long with all 40 weeks of pregnancy covered.

You can easily repurpose this journal to focus on other segments of this niche, such as older fathers, grandparents and so much more.

Niche #3: Questions for Mothers

Journals like Questions for My Mother are important because they help to foster a deeper level of understanding and connection between mothers and their children by giving them a space to share their own stories and experiences.

This can be a great way for mothers to pass on their wisdom and values to their children, which can be invaluable in teaching children important life lessons.

So it's no surprise how profitable this niche is!

With this package, you'll get a 100-page low content book, complete with a cover page, and print-ready PDF file for Amazon KDP. Each page asks a different question and provides space for reflection, words of wisdom and more.

Niche #4: Crochet (Hobby) Logbooks

The demand for crotchet journals is always there, as many people are looking for ways to document their crotchet journey and track their projects. 

This 100-page logbook will sell all year round, but especially during the winter months when more people are working indoors on projects. 

Comes with PowerPoint source files and more!

Niche #5: Thoughts & Emotions Workbook

These books have been surefire sellers every year since we started selling on Amazon, but since 2020, they've been climbing the Amazon charts with no sign of slowing down.

These "Thoughts & Feelings Logbooks" are geared towards kids (ages 8+) and are designed to provide a safe space for kids to express themselves.

Writing in a journal can help kids to process their daily thoughts, and serve as an outlet for them to express their feelings without fear of judgment.

This package includes a 100-page, adorable book that includes a different activity on every page (coloring) and PowerPoint source files for easy editing.

And just like with all the other packages included in this special bundle, you get commercial-use rights that also allow you to turn them into printables to sell on other marketplaces!

EARLY BIRDS ONLY: Keywords & Categories!

Let's quickly recap everything you'll get:

  • 5 Brand New Low Content (and high content) Packages in EXTREMELY Profitable Niches! Can also be turned into printables for Etsy.
  • Keywords and Categories are included!
  • Design Source Files (PowerPoint, PDF), so you can edit and customize as you wish!
  • Ready-to-Upload Versions to Amazon & Beyond!
  • Commercial-Use License

In summary,

With your one-time purchase, you'll receive instant access to a beautiful collection of brand-new, professionally designed low content books and printable kits in extremely profitable niches.

You'll also receive a commercial-use license that allows you to sell these as your own, a font-listing and PowerPoint source files!

Yours in success,

Kate Riley,

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