Template Treasury Vol 1

With this brand-new collection of Canva printables and low-content books, you can quickly make money by reselling top-quality products that your customers will love.

Plus, these printables double as low-content books that you can sell on Amazon KDP and beyond!

In fact, not only will you receive access to 17 professionally-designed Canva printable packages, but you’ll also get low-content versions which include 100-page journals and planners designed for you to publish on Amazon KDP!

No need for expensive designers or hours spent figuring out the perfect layout. Just select a template and start selling!

Instant Access to 17 Canva Printable Packs & 100-Page Low Content Books In Popular Evergreen Niches!

This is a treasure trove of potential, packed with 17 different Canva printables and low-content book packages (with over 300 different printable pages!)

Your one-time purchase includes access to a wide range of printables, all designed with the utmost attention to detail and aesthetics—and every package is geared towards a highly profitable, in-demand niche market.

Let’s take a closer look at everything you’re about to get!

Niche #1: Spiritual Growth

Venture into the profitable world of low-content books and Canva printables…

From journals and planners to spiritual growth and awakening printables and books, we’ve got ready-to-sell products that your customers will love. All you have to do is upload, sell, and profit!

Niche #2: Pregnancy / New Moms

Why waste hours trying to design when you can leverage the expertise of seasoned professionals?

Our Canva printables are thoughtfully crafted by experienced designers, ensuring each printable and low-content book meets the highest quality standards. You save time without compromising on quality!

Niche #3: Self Love Journal

We want to empower you to sell without worry. That’s why all of our templates come with commercial-use licensing, allowing you to use these designs for client work or sell them as your own.

This done-for-you package is all about making your entrepreneurial journey as easy and profitable as possible!

Niche #4: Undated Calendars & More

With our done-for-you PDF files, you don’t have to worry about formatting or converting files—simply upload them to your platform and watch your sales soar!

Niche #5: Deluxe Prayer Journal

Niche #6:Manifestation Journal

Niche #7: Kids Gratitude Printables

Niche #8: Self-Care Printables

Niche #9: Budget & Financial Printables

Niche #10: Teachers Planner Printables

Niche #11: Maid of Honor Printables

Niche #12: Trauma & Grief Printables

Niche #13: Student Planner Printables

Niche #14: Self Care for Moms Printables

Niche #15: Mindfulness Printables

Niche #16: Mental Health for Moms

Niche #17: The Happiness Journal

Unleash Your Profit Potential With These Done-For-You Canva Printables and Low Content Books!

Here’s a quick recap of everything you’ll get:

  • 17 Brand New Printable Packages and 100-page Low-Content Books in Profitable Niches! 
  • All templates were designed in Canva, which means easy customization! (only a free account is needed)
  • Over 300 Canva printables in total!
  • Ready-to-Upload Versions in PDF format for both printables and low-content books!
  • Commercial-Use License allows you to sell them as though you created them!

In summary,

With your one-time purchase, you’ll receive instant access to a beautiful, all-inclusive collection of brand-new, professionally designed, done-for-you printable packages and Low-Content books in profitable niches. 

With your purchase, you receive commercial-use rights to over 240 printable pages.

Once customized, you can sell personal-use licenses to your customers. You are also allowed to edit and customize as needed. The Canva template needs to be copied to your own Canva account before selling.