Canva Cashflow Vol 2

Make Money In An Untapped Goldmine With These Hard-to-Find Canva Workbooks!

This high-quality collection of high-content, high-quality Canva workbooks and journals focuses on the ever-growing market of coaches and trainers.

This niche is in high demand, yet it’s next to impossible to find all-inclusive content packages like this. 

In fact, if you were to search online for ‘done for you Canva courses with templates’, you’d be hard-pressed to find anything of value.

And if you are looking for resell or commercial-use rights, your search will get even harder. In fact, I’ve yet to find one, which is why I created this for you.

This is just one of the reasons it’s an untapped goldmine!  

Not only is the market filled with course instructors, business owners, coaches, bloggers, and trainers, all in search of high-quality content, but you’ll be able to price these packages higher than regular printables or worksheets because of how high the demand is!

You see, in most cases, you’d only receive the Canva design templates and then have to fill them in with your own content. This can take a huge amount of time.

Believe me, I know the level of effort that goes into packages like these. This collection alone took me well over a week of writing and designing to get them done.

But with Canva Cashflow Vol #2, you won’t have to do anything but profit!  

Instant Access to All-Inclusive Canva Workbooks and Journals!


First up, Shadow Work!

You may not have heard of “Shadow Work”, but it’s a rapidly emerging and highly profitable niche.

As more individuals seek deeper self-understanding and personal growth, this niche blossoms into a mainstream powerhouse, generating significant revenue for businesses and creators alike.

With increasing demand for personal development tools, entrepreneurs in this space are experiencing exponential growth, riding the wave of this global trend.

The lucrative potential of shadow work is undeniable and only expected to soar higher in the coming years!

The Shadow Work Journal includes 90 pages of high-quality content.

Tap into the high demand for done-for-you Canva workbooks! This special offer also includes special commercial-use rights. 

“Story of My Life” journals have been catching wind and turning into a surprisingly popular and rewarding niche with no sign of stopping.

As people from all walks of life increasingly seek to chronicle their journey and pass down a legacy, this area has seen a surge in interest and profitability.

The industry is part of a broader wave of introspection and personal storytelling, proving to be a flourishing market with significant earning potential.

The Life Story Journal includes 122 pages of high-quality content, templates, designs, and more.

Tap into the high demand for done-for-you Canva workbooks! This special offer also includes special commercial-use rights. 

As educational professionals grapple with increasing complexities in their roles, demand for supportive resources like guided journals has soared.

This specialized market intersects the booming wellness industry and the evergreen field of education, creating a unique space that is both in demand and incredibly profitable.

The “Guided Journal for Teachers” that’s included with your purchase is purposefully designed for this rising sector.

It’s not just a journal – it’s a comprehensive tool that aids teachers in reflecting on their practices, maintaining work-life balance, and managing their professional development.

The Guided Journal for Teachers includes 75 pages of high-quality content.

Life coaching has become a super-sized niche as more and more people and companies are seeing how helpful it can be to have a professional guide to help them grow and succeed.

This has led to life coaching becoming a multi-billion dollar industry that keeps on growing!

The “Life Coach Workbook” that’s included with your purchase fits perfectly in this growing trend. It’s designed to make life coaching even better by giving coaches useful tools to help their clients.

With an easy-to-use design and plenty of high-quality content, this product is a surefire winner. 🙂

The Life Coach Workbook includes 60 pages of high-quality content.

Tap into the high demand for done-for-you Canva workbooks! This special offer also includes special commercial-use rights.

Done-For-You Content Made Easy. 🙂

  • 4 Canva Workbooks & Journals in High-Profit Niches: Each package is jam-packed with high-quality content: edited and proofread for you.
  • Ready-to-Use Canva Workbook & Journal Templates: These templates are beautifully designed with various pages, cover sheets, checklists, worksheets, printouts, action plans, and more!

Sell these Canva workbooks as your own immediately and cash in on the ever-growing community of business coaches and trainers without ever having to write or design anything. They’re ready to sell straight out of the digital box!

These aren’t your run-of-the-mill Canva workbooks!

Rather than just designs, they come with all the content your customers will need.

From detailed action plans to strategy guides, including checklists and worksheets, you’ll receive premium, all-inclusive packages that you can sell instantly!

Imagine the power of having a bundle of in-demand, ready-made products to sell, without the hassle of content creation, brainstorming, or even having to edit a thing.

But the true value of this special collection lies in the untapped profitability of the done-for-you content market!

Business coaches, trainers, course instructors, and bloggers always look for ready-made content, especially Canva workbooks, so it’s easy to see why these are so profitable. They’re just so easy to sell.

Plus, your ability to profit doesn’t just stop at a single sale. Every Canva workbook included in this special collection can be sold repeatedly, turning each into a recurring revenue stream! 

Here’s a quick recap of everything you’ll get:

  • 4 Brand New High-Content Packages in highly sought-after niches!
  • Content-heavy packages like this are very hard to find, which means you can price these higher than most other types of digital products!
  • All templates were designed in Canva using only free elements or custom ones, which means only a free account is needed to edit.
  • Commercial-Use License allows you to sell them as though you created them! 

In summary,

With your one-time purchase, you’ll receive instant access to a beautiful, all-inclusive collection of brand-new, professionally designed, done-for-you Canva content packages in highly profitable niches. 

With your purchase, you receive commercial-use rights to over 240 printable pages.

Once customized, you can sell personal-use licenses to your customers. You are also allowed to edit and customize as needed. The Canva template needs to be copied to your own Canva account before selling.