Surefire Sellers Vol 3

Instant Access to 5 In-Demand KDP Book & Printable Packages In Profitable Niches!

These gorgeous, carefully created low-content (Amazon KDP) & printable packages will save you tons of time! Not only are they ready to upload and sell, but because I’m also including the PowerPoint source files, you can easily take my designs and create alternative versions quickly without having to start from scratch!

Let’s dive right in!

Niche #1: Couple’s Journals

If you want to take your business to the next level so you can earn a full-time income from your digital products, you’ll want to look into markets that include both men and women. This is where couples journals come into play as they cast a wider net (larger audience).

While it’s primarily women who purchase these journals, they are great introductions to journaling for men who may not have ever tried it before, which means they could go on to purchase other journals that appeal to this ever-growing market!

Couple journals are incredibly popular, especially around February, when Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, so you’ll be able to boost your income with this beautiful package.

Niche #2:  Mental Health Journal for Men

Our next niche is focused on empowering men with a journal dedicated to improving mental health.

This book is 150 pages long with daily prompts included, each one designed to encourage deep thinking, reflection, and growth.

In addition, this “mind manager journal” includes a splash (cover) page and PowerPoint source files, so you can easily customize and edit it, however you choose!

You can also turn these pages into color printables if you wish to make money on Etsy (and beyond!)

Niche #3: Mother & Son Journal

Parents love these journals designed to help them better connect to their children.

And while this journal is geared towards mothers and sons, you can easily create additional journals for daughters, daughter-in-laws, and other family members.

These relationship-building books are some of our best-sellers, and for good reason! They help foster relationships and nurture open conversations every day of the year.

With this package, you’ll get a 100-page low-content book, complete with a cover page, and print-ready PDF file for Amazon KDP.

Niche #4: New Year Guided Journal

In this package, you’ll receive a 106-page low-content book, complete with a cover page, and print-ready PDF file for Amazon KDP.

And with your special commercial-use license, you’re also allowed to turn these into printables to sell on Etsy and beyond!

This journal is geared towards helping people set and reach their goals in the new year.  It’s a 52-week guided journal in an ever-growing, super-profitable niche.

Every page features a different daily prompt with room for doodling and extra journal pages.

Niche #5: Reflection Journals

These books have been surefire sellers every year since we started selling on Amazon and Etsy, but this year they climbed the Amazon charts with no sign of slowing down into the coming year.

These “Day & Night Reflection Books” are geared towards both men and women of all ages and are designed to make it easy to track goals, document daily activities and much more.

They’re versatile and appeal to a very large audience of new and avid journalers!

This package includes a 130-page low-content book that includes a cover page and PowerPoint source files for easy editing.

And just like with all the other packages included in this special bundle, you get commercial-use rights that also allow you to turn them into printables to sell on other marketplaces!

Let’s quickly recap everything you’ll get:

  • 5 Brand New Low Content (and high content) Packages in EXTREMELY Profitable Niches! Can also be turned into printables for Etsy.
  • Design Source Files (PowerPoint, PDF), so you can edit and customize as you wish!
  • Ready-to-Upload Versions to Amazon & Beyond!
  • Commercial-Use License
  • Limited Time Only!

In summary,

With your one-time purchase, you’ll receive instant access to a beautiful collection of brand-new, professionally designed low-content books and printable kits in extremely profitable niches.

You’ll also receive a commercial-use license that allows you to sell these as your own, a font listing, and PowerPoint source files!