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By popular request, we've created a brand new collection of low content books and printable packs that you can sell as your own!

With KDP Monster Vol 2, you'll gain access to 34 low content books AND printable packs, complete with commercial-use licenses!


Amazon KDP Ready Books AND Etsy-Ready Printable Packs In Profitable Markets!

This MONSTER collection provides you with 34, 100-page low content books as well as 34 printable versions  ready to upload to Etsy, Shopify, your website, or anywhere else you choose!

You'll also receive source files in PowerPoint, as well as PDF versions.

In addition, you get commercial-use rights to this package, a font directory, and even a getting started guide!

This special license allows you to sell these books under your own name and at your own pricing! It's like you created all of these designs yourself.

In addition, all of these packages are only available here and only in this package, meaning they aren't sold separately on my shop and they have never been released before.

The interiors featured inside of our KDP Monster Volume 2 are all geared towards popular niche markets as well as our PASSION+PROFITS system of uncovering evergreen markets that will make the most money.

This means that these low content books are designed to sell like wildfire during Q4, but more importantly, ALL YEAR ROUND.

You should always target niches that people are most passionate about where they take a personal interest based on long-term skills, sports, personal interest topics and hobbies.

And with your purchase of the KDP Monster Vol #2 Collection, we'll give you a ton of interiors based on wildly profitable niches, including:

  • 2022 Calendar & Planner
  • Babysitting Logbook
  • Basketball Score Sheets
  • Beer Brewing Logbook
  • Blood Sugar Tracker
  • Cake Order Forms
  • Class Planner
  • Communication Logs
  • Craft Beer Logbook
  • Daily Food Journal
  • Daily Workout Logbook
  • Diabetes Management Sheets
  • Dog Training Logbook
  • Football Score Sheets
  • Goal Tracker 2022
  • Geocaching Logbook
  • Mind & Body Check In
  • Nutrition Tracker
  • Photography Logbook
  • Project Managers
  • Race Training
  • Reading Logbook
  • Restaurant Review Sheets
  • Runners Logbook
  • Slay the Day Journal
  • Steps Tracker
  • Supplement Tracker
  • Swimmers Logbook
  • Tennis Score Sheets
  • Therapy Notes
  • Travel Logbook
  • Volleyball Score Sheets
  • Weekly Lesson Planner
  • and More!

And, you'll even get a brand new 2022 calendar and personal planner that's over 100 pages, so you can hit the ground running!  

As you probably know, these are some of our best selling low content books and printables as thousands of people use personalized calendars and yearly planners to organize their business, personal life or to reach their goals!

And you'll be able to start selling one well ahead of Q4!

We've also covered teacher-based class planners, communication logs, school planners and weekly lesson plans, which are always in demand!

But that's not all!  We've designed low content interiors and printables around healthy living and activities, such as step trackers, nutrition logbooks, daily food journals and more!

And since hobby-based niches are always our best sellers on Amazon and Etsy, we've gone the distance in creating low content books and printables in dozens of markets, such as: geocaching, beer brewing, craft beer logbooks, photography, and much more!

Communication logs, weekly lessons, class schedules - and so much more are also included in the new KDP Monster Vol #2 bundle!

And you'll love how easy travel logbooks, supplement trackers and other specialized planners and low content books (rarely found with commercial-use rights) are to sell!  And you'll get multiple versions!

Health based printables and low content books are widely used so it's no surprise that these are often in our top 10!  

With KDP Monster Vol #2, you'll gain access to additional planners and low content interiors based on managing diabetes or monitoring blood sugar levels!


So, let's quickly recap everything you'll get:

  • 34 Premium Amazon KDP Interior Packages
  • Printable Monster Upgrade (value: $57, yours FREE!)
  • Source Files (PowerPoint, PDF), so you can edit and customize as you wish!
  • Font Directory (all free fonts!)
  • Getting Started Guide: How to make money with this package
  • Ready-to-Upload Books & Printables!
  • Commercial-Use License

There is no limit to the possibilities with this premium package, complete with commercial-use licensing!

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