Profit Pages Vol #2

Dive Into the Profitable World of Printables For Kids!

Printable Affirmation Cards are always in demand!

When you blend positivity with profit, the result is magical. These done-for-you affirmation printables are not just highly profitable, in-demand products; they’re a movement toward a brighter, happier, and more confident generation.

Let’s face it; life isn’t always rainbows and butterflies, especially for the little ones. Sometimes, what they truly need is a gentle reminder of their own worth.

With these affirmation cards, you’re not just selling printables; you’re selling joy, confidence, and self-belief.

Dive into the world of affirmation printables and watch your sales—and the spirits of little ones—soar! 🌈

Simple to read, colorful, and engaging, this affirmation card deck is geared toward kids ages 4-6.

I’ve used only custom or free external illustrations, so you’ll only need a free Canva account to customize these affirmation cards.

There are 55 different cards in this first package.

Affirmation Card Printables

Affirmation Card Printables

This fun and colorful affirmation card deck is geared toward kids ages 6-9.

There are 22 different cards in this package.

This affirmation card deck features a series of fun monsters and is geared toward kids ages 10-12.

There are 40 different cards in this package.

Affirmation Card Printables

This beachy vibe set is geared toward kids ages 13+ and includes dozens of different positive statements, daily gratitude reminders, and more.

There are 50 different cards in this first package.

Engage. Empower. Earn.

This special collection includes:

    • Purposeful Positivity: Each set is packed with 20-50+ affirmation cards tailored to evoke genuine smiles and self-belief.
    • Seamless Customization: Tailor the designs to match your branding or your customer’s preferences with ease. All you’ll need is a free Canva account!
    • Diverse Designs: Kids are unique, and so are these cards! Your customers will be able to choose the perfect deck for every little personality.
    • Teachable Moments: Perfect for parents and educators who want to teach kids about self-worth, resilience, and positivity. Your customer base is massive, and the content is evergreen!
    • Infinite Profit Potential: With commercial rights included, the sky’s the limit for how much you can earn.

A Splash of Positivity In Every Card!
It’s No Wonder Customers Love Buying These!

In today’s world, who doesn’t need a little boost of positivity?

Whether it’s a parent wanting to lift their child’s spirits or a teacher eager to foster classroom harmony, affirmation cards are the go-to choice!

🎨 Crafted With Care in Canva: All of these printable affirmation cards were made with Canva. Best of all, you only need a personal Canva account, not the pricier pro one.

🧒 Age-Specific Affirmations: With 4 age-targeted sets (3-5, 5-7, 7-10, 11-13), the printable affirmation cards speak directly to kids at their level, ensuring they resonate, empower, and uplift.

📈 Profit from Printables: The kids’ market is BOOMING! Parents, teachers, therapists, and even grandparents are searching for tools to boost children’s self-esteem. With our done-for-you package, you’re poised to plunge into this profitable niche quickly and easily.

►►  With easy-to-customize Canva templates, you’ll be free to add your personal touch, or sell them as they are!

With your purchase of these printable affirmation cards, you receive commercial-use rights to over 240 printable pages.

Once customized, you can sell personal-use licenses to your customers. You are also allowed to edit and customize as needed. The Canva template needs to be copied to your own Canva account before selling.