Printable Trivia Game Cards

The Ultimate Trivia Card Printable Collection!

Have you ever wanted to be able to offer a product that is not just fun but also consistently profitable?

Well, now you can with this massive collection of in-demand Printable Trivia Game Cards!

This package features a gorgeous collection of 8 beautiful trivia card packs, each containing 100 questions, with 2 questions per card.

That’s 800 printable trivia cards in total!

These trivia game packs cover a wide range of popular themes – from Dinosaurs to the enchanting world Under the Sea.

Imagine not having to spend countless hours on design – because I’ve done all the heavy lifting for you!

Each trivia game set has been carefully designed using Canva, which means you can easily customize them to align with your brand using just a free Canva account.

Parents love buying printable-based trivia games for their kids.

Teachers, homeschooling parents, and other educators also purchase these cards to educate, keep kids focused, and make it fun for little minds.

In other words, the customer base for printable games is a massive one, and trivia card games are always at the top of the must-have list! 🙂

But this special bundle also caters to adults with two printable trivia card decks focusing on popular themes: 80’s Pop Culture and Classic Movies.

So, you’ll be able to make as much money as possible by reaching an even broader audience!

Revitalize Your Sales with 8 Premium Trivia Card Packs!


From unforgettable movies to legendary music hits, and from fashion statements to iconic TV shows — it’s the perfect product for sellers aiming to engage customers who love to reminisce and have fun.

With easy-to-customize Canva templates, you’ll have the freedom to add your personal touch, or sell them as they are — either way, it’s your fast track to tapping into the ever-popular 80s nostalgia market. 💾✨

Rev up your sales and have your customers dancing to the beat of the past with this spectacular 80’s Trivia Printable Card Set!

Unleash the excitement and wonder of the world’s most amazing creatures, right from the palms of little hands!

Each card is lovingly crafted to be a window into the animal world, featuring questions that encourage curiosity, compassion, and a deeper appreciation for nature.

Turn your shop into a vibrant zoo of knowledge and delight budding young zoologists with this Animal Trivia Printable Card Set for Kids!  🦓🦜

Crafted to spark curiosity, this set is an educational gateway to the world of atoms, stars, plants, and more!

With simple-to-customize Canva templates, you have the option to tailor each set, or to sell them as they are — creating a seamless way for you to cater to eager parents, teachers, and curious kids alike.

Transform your shop into a hub of discovery and fuel the next generation of science lovers with this Science Facts for Kids Trivia Printable Card Set! 🌟

This set invites children to explore the bustling, vibrant world that exists beneath the leaves and in the air around us — the incredible universe of bugs and insects!

Transform your store into a launchpad for little explorers with this delightful Bugs & Insects Trivia Printable Card Set for Kids!  🐝🌼

Each card is a mini adventure in paleontology, filled with mind-boggling questions that guarantee a roaring good time.

With the done-for-you Canva templates, tailoring these dino delights to fit your style is fun and easy. Whether sold as a mighty collection or as individual packs, they’re sure to be a colossal hit!

From the swirling storms of Jupiter to the dazzling rings of Saturn, these cards are a passport to the most fascinating corners of the universe. Each card features questions that ignite curiosity and inspire dreams of space travel and exploration.

Elevate your shop to new heights and fuel young imaginations with this out-of-this-world Space and Astronomy Trivia Printable Card Set for Kids! 🌠🛰️

Printable Trivia Game Cards 

This set is brimming with fun questions that take children on an underwater adventure, from playful dolphins to the vibrant corals of a reef.

The questions are designed to be fun and educational, sparking curiosity and helping kids discover incredible facts about the world beneath the waves.

With our user-friendly Printable Trivia Game Cards, all designed in Canva, customizing this set to make it uniquely yours is a breeze. Sell them as they are, or add your special touch — either way, you’re set to sail into a sea of opportunity!

Printable Trivia Game Cards 

From the glam and glitter of Hollywood’s Golden Age to the unforgettable lines of film noir classics, these cards are your ticket to a cinematic journey like no other.

Each card is a nostalgia-filled gem, featuring intriguing questions that will challenge your movie knowledge and transport you back to those cherished silver screen moments.

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Fun & Engaging Printable Trivia Games!

In summary, this special collection includes:

8 Trivia Card Packs:

Each pack is overflowing with engaging and entertaining trivia questions crafted to delight your customers from the first card to the last.

Your Etsy shop (or your own website) will receive a quick boost in sales as you’re now equipped to offer in-demand game-based content to an ever-growing audience!

This collection features Printable Trivia Game Cards that span a range of captivating themes, including Classic Movies, 80’s Pop Culture, Under the Sea, Science Facts, Animals, Dinosaurs, Space and astronomy, and Bugs and insects – a perfect blend of nostalgia, fun, and knowledge.

Ready-to-Use Canva Card Templates:

While they’re ready to sell as-is, if you wish to add a personal touch, you’ll have complete freedom to modify them as you see fit!

These Printable Trivia Game Cards are carefully designed, featuring 100 trivia questions per set, answer sheets, and fun and colorful designs that ensure your customers will love them at first sight.

With this package, you are not just selling trivia cards — you are offering a gateway to fun, learning, and engagement for your customers while enjoying the fruits of a profitable niche market! 🙂

Set Your Sales Soaring with Done-For-You Printable Trivia Game Cards Customers Love!

Instead of brainstorming, designing, and testing your own Printable Trivia Game Cards, you get a ready-to-go, high-quality collection that you can start selling today!

  • 🚀 Instant Access to 800+ Printable Trivia Game Cards across 8 engaging themes – ready to delight your customers and boost your sales.
  • 💼 Full Commercial License Included: Sell these trivia cards as your own products and keep 100% of the profits!
  • 🎨 Fully Customizable Designs: Use your FREE Canva account to easily modify each card to match your brand’s aesthetic.
  • 🌟 Proven Popular Themes: From Classic Movies to Dinosaurs, I’ve selected themes that are proven to attract a wide audience.
  • 💰 Unlimited Earning Potential: No limit on how much you can sell and earn – your profits are limitless!
  • 🌐 Sell Anywhere You Like: Etsy, your blog, or any platform – these trivia game packs are your golden ticket to a widespread online presence.
In summary,

With your one-time purchase, you’ll receive instant access to a beautiful, all-inclusive collection of brand-new, professionally designed, done-for-you Canva-based printable trivia game packs: 800 cards in total that span 8 different themes!

With your purchase, you receive commercial-use rights to over 240 printable pages.

Once customized, you can sell personal-use licenses to your customers. You are also allowed to edit and customize as needed. The Canva template needs to be copied to your own Canva account before selling.